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2021 ~ New Year Online Reading with Delphinians

Greetings to each individual and to all parts of the mass!
Old friends and new!
We invite you to join us for an impromptu, live question and answer session with our channeled source DELPHINIANS.
We would like to explore the past, the present and our future as humans upon our beloved planet EARTH….or elsewhere…
Every question is relevant.

~ Following are all the practical information ~
The gathering will take place through Zoom, the link for computer or mobile is

You can join also through calling a land telephone
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdYp6uKpk8
Greece local calling number: 2311 180599 or 211 198 4488
Meeting ID: 812 2494 2974#
Passcode: 1010#
The meeting will be open 15 minutes before the actual gathering, please connect in advance so as to start on time.

Delphinians during the reading will open up for questions, you can unmute your microphone or send a …

Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis, Athens

30 March 2019

Acropolis, Athens

At least you do not have to run a marathon today. We brought you here to walk. Walking is a very grounding experience. Whether you realize it or not whatever you are thinking of as you are walking you are encouraging the energies of the Earth to support that manifestation. It is always important that you are attentive to your thoughts. There is no easier way to know yourself. The human form is an energy system and the thoughts are part of the operating mechanism. You must have all had the experience of the manifestation of a thought in a moment in order to realize that the thought comes before the action. Usually you do not move before you think about it “I am going to get up and walk around the acropolis.”

Meditation exercise

Today as you are walking we want you to get …

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Enlightenment is a responsibility of the individual in relationship to your own entity… Enlightenment is coming to Oneness with your entity: Know Thyself
If you explore every aspect of the self through every experience in life, as meet all of those other persons, personalities that were expressed by the entity, enlightenment is a possibility… and from that point, you move into a greater search of the self, of the creative self – just as the responsibilities of the baby are different than the responsibilities of the school-age child or the university student or the graduate student… on and on it goes…
Life mirrors the evolution of the spirit, Life is the Great Teacher…
Life is the moment – enlightenment comes in moments 
Each time that you come into that sense of knowing why you created the experience, that’s enlightenment, you’re enlightened… eventually, you know, every experience;

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Each person, each individual becomes very attached to themselves during life, they become identified with themselves…
When you know yourself completely, you can live in the moment, you can be present, inspired in every moment… and this is Enlightenment: when you know you’re bigger than your personality, than your identity, you’re no longer limited by your experiences… you learn and you keep moving energetically and this is about Consciousness, it’s not even about Spirituality…
Spirituality is a method of identifying Expansion of Consciousness
Religion has the tendency and the responsibility to limit this expansion of consciousness, to put a limit to it… you have a plant; in order to grow, you put it in a pot that co-operates with the size of the plant… once the plant is too big, you give it a bigger pot and you use the smaller pot for another plant…
So all systems

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