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Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis, Athens

30 March 2019

Acropolis, Athens

At least you do not have to run a marathon today. We brought you here to walk. Walking is a very grounding experience. Whether you realize it or not whatever you are thinking of as you are walking you are encouraging the energies of the Earth to support that manifestation. It is always important that you are attentive to your thoughts. There is no easier way to know yourself. The human form is an energy system and the thoughts are part of the operating mechanism. You must have all had the experience of the manifestation of a thought in a moment in order to realize that the thought comes before the action. Usually you do not move before you think about it “I am going to get up and walk around the acropolis.”

Meditation exercise

Today as you are walking we want you to get the image of the goddess (Athena) in your third eye. You know the statue was very large. You have the image of the large statue inside your third eye and as you are walking you are going to imagine that the statue is getting filled with light as you are pouring liquid light. Imagine you are pouring liquid gold into that mold of the statue. It starts to fill up from the bottom and rises up. You can stop for a rest and when you are walking you are imagine that the liquid gold is filling up the statue of Athena. The end will be the sword that she is holding; the tip of the sword will be the final vision that you have.

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