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The Channel of the Delphinians

I have a dream, a heartfelt, solemn wish to see Greece once again acknowledged as the Omphalos of the world, as the center of a movement towards a more spiritual, more integral way of approaching the creation of our lives.   There is a shift occurring within the consciousness of mankind towards greater experiences of joy, harmony and peace… a shift towards taking greater responsibility for the creation of our own individual experiences in our lives. Many call this shift ‘a movement towards the New Age’. There are many persons on the planet today working towards the goal of self-realization, searching their own lives to find their hidden talents, to discover the fears that hold them back, the strengths that will make their dreams come true.

…”What I am channeling is an energy.”


Jayne Claire: Pythia Returns

   Upon this land, Hellas, there exists a great Energy that can assist these individuals to discover the answers to those burning questions. The Earth itself holds power. My own personal experience with this country is noteworthy. I arrived here in 1989 from the USA with my Greek husband; we came to spend a year with his family. I faced many difficulties which encouraged me to go even deeper within, looking for answers. We travelled a bit, and I was emotionally taken by the land and, especially, the Ancient Sites – particularly, Delphi. Back in the USA we held the intention to return to Greece one day, which we did in1996, and my journey towards my destiny continued. I had been involved with the New Age ideas for many years; also my career in the USA was in the Healing Arts.

…”I believe in this force that I channel”

   I had a hidden goal to become a ‘channel for divine truth’ due to my caring nature and my determination to help others. In my work I saw how little the established, traditional approach to healing assisted the individual to heal. I believed that by discovering the reasons why we created the illnesses and imbalances for ourselves, and what lessons we were to learn from that creation, we would then be more able to experience a total healing.

   In Greece, we faced many challenges. I was once again seduced by the land, especially, the healing springs and mud baths. In September 1997, after a trip to Samothraki, I began ‘channeling’. I am able to put myself into a trance, assessing this divine truth that had been a long-term goal; the rest is history. Through this connection I discovered my own ‘past lives’ at Delphi, where I played the role of the Pythia. I found and continue to find answers to deep questions that had perplexed my life. Word spread and many have approached me for their own ‘personal readings’ or oracles.

…”The Earth itself holds power”

What I am channeling is an Energy, a Force that has made itself available with assistance to humanity – this Force has taken the name “The Delphinians”.

    Now one can more easily see why my dream circulates around this idea of the Omphalos. I believe in this Force that I channel, I have only gained in balance, in wisdom and in strength – as have others who have approached the Delphinians.

I would like to see a Centre created in Hellas, a center where those from around the world who are working with these ideas of Personal Empowerment can gather together to gather strength and to share it with others.

Well I never succeeded in creating a physical center in Greece, but through all the travels, all the trials and tribulations, all the multiple sessions with our source I have managed to create that unmovable , indefinable center within myself. For this I am grateful to each and every person who participated in this project of uncovering the sacredness of this wonderful land Hellas, and mostly I thank the land , the sea and the healing waters. Let us be blessed!
Thank you!
My personal path has gone full circle returning me to my birth land. Years ago the DELPHINIANS informed me that I had agreed to work on the East coast of the USA, so here I find myself as far south as I could dream, in beautiful, mystical Florida, Tampa Bay, home of the Tocobaga Native Americans….
And so the journey continues….

~ Jayne Claire ~

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