Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Enlightenment is a responsibility of the individual in relationship to your own entity… Enlightenment is coming to Oneness with your entity: Know Thyself
If you explore every aspect of the self through every experience in life, as meet all of those other persons, personalities that were expressed by the entity, enlightenment is a possibility… and from that point, you move into a greater search of the self, of the creative self – just as the responsibilities of the baby are different than the responsibilities of the school-age child or the university student or the graduate student… on and on it goes…
Life mirrors the evolution of the spirit, Life is the Great Teacher…
Life is the moment – enlightenment comes in moments 
Each time that you come into that sense of knowing why you created the experience, that’s enlightenment, you’re enlightened… eventually, you know, every experience;

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