Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Delphinians Talk about the Crisis in Humanity and our Relationship with Mother Earth

26 March 2020

We want the Delphinians to go a little deeper into this situation that we are dealing with as humanity.

As a family of humanity, you are dealing with a crisis.
You are dealing with a plague and ideally you are joining together in some way shape of form in order to improve your own personal consciousness.

What you are thinking, what you are feeling, how you are dealing.
There is a great tendency to isolate yourself, to fear others, to criticize others, to criticize your leaders…As you are in this dualistic world.

You can say black and white if you like.
All these aforementioned behaviors are in the black, are in the shadow and expand the shadow.
If you criticize another, if you criticize China, for instance, on how they dealt with the outbreak, you are feeding the shadows.

The Earth is one, it is one planet.…

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Each person, each individual becomes very attached to themselves during life, they become identified with themselves…
When you know yourself completely, you can live in the moment, you can be present, inspired in every moment… and this is Enlightenment: when you know you’re bigger than your personality, than your identity, you’re no longer limited by your experiences… you learn and you keep moving energetically and this is about Consciousness, it’s not even about Spirituality…
Spirituality is a method of identifying Expansion of Consciousness
Religion has the tendency and the responsibility to limit this expansion of consciousness, to put a limit to it… you have a plant; in order to grow, you put it in a pot that co-operates with the size of the plant… once the plant is too big, you give it a bigger pot and you use the smaller pot for another plant…
So all systems

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