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Since 1997 I feel blessed to have Jayne as a friend and the guidance she makes available channeling the Delphinians. The information that I have received has enhanced my life on all levels, helping me through many personal issues and concerns with my children. The Delphinians have assisted me in realizing my strengths, taking my power as an individual through self-awareness and personal responsibility. Whether in a personal reading or in a group, their wisdom never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

Annette F.

My relationship with the Delfinians started 13 years ago, when a friend told me about Jayne and the readings. I “offered” it to myself as a birthday present at that time, and the experience was AMAZING! Although I was already in a spiritual path, coming across with the Delfian energies, the “landscape” of spiritualism and spiritual life itself, became more fruitful, more meaningful and opened to me new horizons! In spiritual life the most important element is self awareness, and the “Energies” definitely helped me to develop more my Awareness, my free Will and helped me to take fully the responsibility of myself. If Self inquiry, self development and self awareness is someone’s aim in life’s journey, then Delfinians definitely are the most pure and Divine Energies which a person can rely on! I owe a big “Thank you” to Jayne, who’s been humbly working years now, and provides to all of us her services! My relationship keeps on…. and keeps on changing as I grow, mature and realize more of “me”

Io Bletzaki

This source is just act as a mirror of your consciousness and when you ask for an Oracle you will get the simplest answer that reflects to you, by this reflection you can realize your Self and move through it in Life.

Michalis K

I came across Jayne and the Delphinians. They shed light onto my path and they still assist me in every step I take in the Unknown.
Due to my endless gratefulness to Jayne and that source of energy she channels,  I am now keen on sharing and exchanging my experience as a guide combining it with a different dimension of traveling: Walking on a path to reach a destination in the outer world, is opening a path in your inner world, towards your Self.

Katie Kribogianni