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Raising Children with the Delphinians

Raising Children with the Delphinians

Selections from personal readings on raising children with the Delphinians

When a woman becomes pregnant her receptivity to the energy of the man gets cut off because she is nursing the seed.  After you dig the earth and plant a seed, you don’t dig it up again and plant another seed on top, you leave it. Anytime a child is created, regardless of the physical distance there is an energetic connection between the parent and child.

When the fetus is in the body of the mother, the blood is flowing through both organisms, they are so connected.  And this energy can continue to flow between the mother and the child and often does flow between mother and child, mothers tune in all the time to the condition of their child.

…you understand that the plant when it is growing, the roots are also growing and the roots are getting more established in the earth and then it needs a new pot, it needs more freedom, more earth so it can spread out.  As your children grow, so do you, you will spread out in your own direction.


Shifting of energies:

This comes from a shifting in the energy of the mother. Now that the child is over 3 then he begins to take energy directly from the universe and then this frees you from a challenge that you were directing to him. This is also tangled in with the nursing, not just you but generally it is appropriate to nurse the child until he is three. This creates a physical energy exchange that supports the spiritual. It is happening energetically anyways so if you make it physical then it moves more easily. You are going back into the condition of the maiden you might say.

There is the maiden, the mother and the matriarch (the crone). The energy is moving in infinity (a figure eight) so it goes from the maiden to the mother. When you are nursing until the child is three you are only in the circle of the mother. Your energy is looping back to the maiden now and you have the challenge to balance the mother with the maiden. You used a good word “free” because you become freer from the mothering role. On the other hand, these two ladies are moving from the mother to the matriarch and there is the challenge for to be the matriarch you must hold the power above and beyond the association with the patriarch (the man and the woman) it is a different scene.


What role does food play?

All things in moderation. If you discover within yourself something that you have difficulty moderating that is a sign that perhaps there is an internal reaction to that. We are not willing to explore into subjects that can be covered elsewhere. We are talking about food allergies, this is why we don’t give info on food allergies. One great wisdom from ancient Greece “know thyself” Hippocrates “let the food be your medicine and the medicine be your food” you can expect a homoeopathist to focus on homeopathy that is his kingdom. If you went to a nutritionist or food allergist they would be just as adamant. There are different types of doctors. A doctor is not a god that you should follow their instructions as if they always know what is best. You follow your intuition…

 On guidance: The human individual wants some specifics, wants to know that there is “a specific guide for me when I want to cross the street”. But a guide is like a crossing guard.  Whoever comes to that point then the guide “guides” them across the street.  It is not as they are hanging on to one individual, you see. The crossing guard does not usually hold the hand of the individual unless the individual is very small.  When the individual is very small, the parent is usually holding their hand, guiding them. The parent takes the responsibility of guiding them.  When you grow in the universe, you have greater opportunity to have guidance because you got bigger, you are moving on more avenues at the same time and all of those “guides” all of those “crossing guards” are interacting with you.  You don’t have 4 specific guides that stay close to you and watch over you, you see the difference?


The family is a unit like a machine.  There are many parts moving and sometimes you need to touch one part to make the other parts move more smoothly.  You can change things in a subtle way.

With the children it is appropriate to be focused. When there is more than one child they have the tendency to disturb and distract the mother.  When you are trying to focus on one, the others become jealous and try to pull your attention.

In the life of the child, the individual has a pattern of going around their incarnational wheel to be affected by one life and then another and another…Occasionally or very often, one individual can carry the effects of a particular life around with them and this has to do with how they are handled when they are within that period.

When a child opens up a sensitive subject, it is appropriate to be honest.  Some people do choose to die when they are young. You have lived many lifetimes and you have died many times and you have returned to the earth.  What do you think you came back to the Earth this time?  Help them to see that death is a choice just as life is a choice.  Sometimes children create problems in order to hold the attention of their parents.  Even if he seems to be creating a big problem now, he doesn’t deserve all the attention. All the children get some attention but not one child gets all the attention, no matter what they are going through.  When there is a tribe of children, it is easy to get lost as a parent.

Always with the growth there is something that is dying.  You can stimulate their own wisdom by asking some questions, something penetrating that help to open channels within them.  These open channels help them move around the incarnational wheel.

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