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Chania, Crete (Archeological Site Crete)

Chania, Crete (Archeological Site Crete)

16 June 2018

Chania, Crete

Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and somehow bring your hands together. We are greeting you energetically. Of course you know it is all about energy. Before we get into the job today we would like to work energetically on each of you. We will start on this side. Just breath, feel the air. You are all working to survive this life and some are flourishing and some fading away. Regardless, there are always new opportunities for growth. We can say that the four who have gathered here today have balanced their feminine self which is one of the goals of the present lifetimes for everyone. As the power is shifting from the male to the female it is very important that the feminine aspects of the self be acknowledged, recognized, expressed and then of course balanced. Each expression needs balance, you know. Caring for another for instance needs to be done in balance, not sacrifice yourself for another but care for another as you care for yourself. Nurture yourself before you nurture another. Feed yourself first. So often the mother feeds everyone and waits. You know that Crete is a very big place and a very big challenge to balance. You know that the ancient city is buried under here. Even under here it exists. There are relics, statues, houses and surely one day it will show again. We will add to what we said last time we were here when we said it would be exposed, it will not be exposed until the female is in power in the world. So there is plenty of time before the next destructive force comes in this direction.


Meditation Exercise

What we would like you to do today is to take a walk around Kasteli and what you are going to imagine is that you are made of wax and you are melting and you are dripping. As you are walking you are sending drops down, not through the hands or feet, it is just dropping everywhere. You are just melting. In this way you offer your balanced feminine condition to the power of the matriarch; which of course is part of the buried energy here in Crete. Any questions about this exercise? It is an easy exercise and you can do it again when you are moving around town, particularly if it is hot and you are perspiring or it is raining. You can use your will to empower this exercise.

Do not worry about numbers unless of course you are exploring numerology. Then you can look and see what the number five represents.

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