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Dikteon Andron Cave, Crete

Dikteon Andron Cave, Crete

29 October 2017

Dikteon Andron Cave, Crete

Enjoy yourselves. When you live a smooth life, everything is done in a relaxed manner. There is no need to rush, to stress, to make abrupt movements. We want to connect you with the winged ones today in order to give you each the opportunity to rise above any challenges you might encounter, to glide and also to view the situation from above. Anytime you are bored for instance, at the airport, anytime you feel trapped in a traffic jam, anytime you feel fear, perhaps you are going to the doctor; you can connect with this totem and take a different view. Some of you have worked with us before with totems and we gave you the winged totem. This is the one that we want you to stick to. Those of you that were in Thailand, you go with those totems.


(Amelia chattering) We thoroughly enjoy her understanding of the process, you see. She sees Jayne come and go and for her it is a game of hide and seek.


You all can witness how quickly a bird can fly away so what you are going to do first is when you are silently climbing the path look for the winged ones. Look out for them. Keep your attention as if you are searching. At the same time, imagine the totem that you already have and bring that onto your walk with your imagination as if you are seeing it fly. You can even see a group because a lot of birds fly in groups. You belong to mass of consciousness, let’s call you humanoids today, and all we are doing is opening the door so your consciousness can connect with the totem or the consciousness of the bird. First of all, those of you that do not have a totem, say your name and we will give you a bird.

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