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Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis, Athens

30 March 2019

Acropolis, Athens

At least you do not have to run a marathon today. We brought you here to walk. Walking is a very grounding experience. Whether you realize it or not whatever you are thinking of as you are walking you are encouraging the energies of the Earth to support that manifestation. It is always important that you are attentive to your thoughts. There is no easier way to know yourself. The human form is an energy system and the thoughts are part of the operating mechanism. You must have all had the experience of the manifestation of a thought in a moment in order to realize that the thought comes before the action. Usually you do not move before you think about it “I am going to get up and walk around the acropolis.”

Meditation exercise

Today as you are walking we want you to get …

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Healing Circle & WALK for GODDESS ATHENA in ATHENS

Healing Circle in ATHENS Friday MARCH 29, 2019


We will have a group session with the DELPHINIANS as they offer vibrational support and direction. Each participant will have time for  a personal question.

Location: Ifikratoys 25-27 PAGRATI

WALK for GODDESS ATHENA Saturday MARCH 30, 2019

12noon meeting at the entrance to the theater Odeon

Directed by our source DELPHINIANS  we will walk around the ACROPOLIS ( we will not enter the site) with the intention to honor our GODDESS ATHENA and invite her wisdom  and power into our personal energy fields.


Phone Jayne Claire for further info. 6987944921

The Acropolis

The Acropolis


27 May 2018

The Acropolis


Usually when you have special forces it is a small group. As the crisis takes a more stable form in your country the people become more and more aggravated and greedier. Everyone is thinking of the same thing, their pocketbook, their cash; what they are spending, what they are taking. It is a rather desperate position to be in. They do not really believe in God anymore, let alone that you could come in contact with the goddess Athena. It seems like a fairy tale. That the Greek mythology is too far away to capture anymore but we say it is not. We say that the gods and goddess exist outside of you and inside of you and it is your responsibility to connect.


Opening meditation

What we want you to do at the moment is close your eyes and imagine that …

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MEDITATION in honor of ATHENA GODDESS of wisdom, courage and inspiration

Join Jayne Claire channeling the DELPHINIANS under the big Rock , ACROPOLIS in ATHENS on SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018 at 12:00hrs for a group reading and meditation geared towards incorporating the energies of the Goddess ATHENA into your field.

Meet under the entrance to the theater before 12:00pm !

Suggested donation 20euros.

For more information call JC +30  6987944921