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Distinction between intuition, fear or desire

 How can I make a distinction between intuition, fear or desire?

“Make a list of that. When you are puzzled write something. Intuition tells me…Fear says…Take it out of your head and put it on paper. Give each a platform. Desire is a part of life; it is not necessarily as you are interpreting it. You are labeling many things as your desire. But desire has a firmer relationship with need than intuition or fear. Often you desire things that you need. You desire water because your body needs to be hydrated. You might have a strong desire for affection in a moment because you have been feeling insecure or something. So the need is for someone to love you. That is normal. Desire is not a bad thing at all. When you have a desire and you write I have a desire for this…you can ask yourself what is the need that is motivating that desire? Perhaps the need is more recognition in my profession so I can get a better job once you bring it down.

Fear is something irrational and it comes from an imbalance inside a system. Let’s say it again: Physical – good diet and physical exercise for the body. Mind – something educational for the mind. Emotional – talk with a friend and share what is going on in your life. Spiritual- pray and meditate. Everyone needs all four of those every single day. It is necessary for balance. If one of those is lacking; if one person never gets any exercise and sits on the sofa and eats and watches television; they may find that they have a lot of irrational fears because the body has needs. If you do not learn something new, always the mind is curious and needs new information, new facts, and new techniques to keep it happy. You have to take care of all four parts of the self. And of course we add the Earth on, too. You need contact with the Earth. The Earth is very grounding. If you find that you are not grounded you might have an irrational fear. A stray thought will manifest as a fear.

What is fear anyhow? It is a feeling attached to a train of thought. Isn’t it? You get on a train of thought…Oh, I haven’t driven for so long, what if I forget. The mind is so creative, it can say anything and then you can create anxiety and fear inside yourself. If you feel fear, jump up and down ten times and the feeling, the sense of fear will go away. Change the train of thought. Start seeing that thoughts are like trains. Some trains of thought go around and around in circles and drag the one thinking into an abyss of anxiety, fears, irrational fears.

Intuition is a very subtle voice. You are at the store and something passes through your mind …buy rice and you think I don’t need rice. Then you get home and want to cook rice and you see you don’t have any. Once you start to pay attention; once you start to identify that subtle voice that pops in at the most opportune time and often it happens at the grocery store. That is the best place to test your intuition. How many times has that happened to you? Every time you can identify that happening, then you are giving a message to the intuition, got you, caught you, thank you. Intuitive hits come in at the right moment. Pay attention. The only way to recognize intuition is to become more attentive to it.

Get the fear out, because it is irrational. If you are being chased by a crazy man with a hatchet you might be afraid or if you are in a war and walking through a mine field then yes, fear is necessary because it heightens your awareness. Irrational fear happens to distract your awareness. You are on the wrong train of thought so you have to get off and get back on a better train. If you are thinking of something hazardous the fear starts building. Unwind it by thinking the opposite.”

The Delphinians

(Excerpt from a private session)