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New definition of TWIN FLAME…

New definition of TWIN FLAME…

New definition of TWIN FLAME….

     “The whole bit about the twin flames and the soul mates is a romantic illusion about spirituality. Everybody is your twin flame you could say. As far as finding a life long partner, you may turn them into your twin flame.  Whoever you love completely and unconditionally becomes a twin flame.

   You are moving through life and when you share light… if you take two candles that are lit and you put them together they become a twin flame. So if you meet someone  and you fall in love with him or her and you work really hard on yourself to become more aware, to become more responsible for your contributions to the relationship and you don’t blame the other person for what goes wrong between you, you share the blame. WHEN YOU SHARE THE BLAME YOU SHARE THE FLAME. Then the flame will grow bigger because each of you will become more enlightened . Your spirit will grow. Let’s say that the candle represents your physical body and the flame represents the spirit, your essence, GOD  that is inside of you. When you merge with another if you share the blame you keep the flame growing.  You share a spiritual evolution. The desire to become more conscious of your self, how you operate, what you are creating, what you are trying to destroy . If you have a complaint about your partner it is important to realize what do to want to destroy in them, perhaps it’s a positive thing to destroy ignorance. If you see that your partner is ignorant about something, perhaps they are abusing themselves in some way, that will make the flame grow bigger. If you want to destroy their confidence in themselves because you are jealous or possessive of their attractiveness, that would make the flame grow smaller.

   The twin flame is the aspiration of a spiritual relationship. Two people come together, they share their spirits and they grow bigger energetically. That’s twin flames, they don’t put the other person out.”

~ The Delphinians~