Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Spiritual Healing represents a group of individuals around the world who gather together to share their qualities and talents.
Our common goal is to walk in balance and harmony upon our Earth and within the brother-sisterhood that is Humanity.

Our intention is to support individuals and groups to connect with the sacred sites while respecting their own unique way of evolving and the paths that they have chosen.

We design workshops & travel that include visits to hot springs, and clay baths for healing, grounding, and playful meditations on the archeological sites. All of our actions are geared towards connecting us further with the entity of Mother Earth, the Ancient Spirit, and our own Entities or Souls.

When we are upon the archeological sites we all become channels for the energies that remain there. We carry a portion of this energy into our lives and onto our paths.

We receive guidance and directions from the source ‘ Delphinians’ that have made their energy and wisdom available since 1997.

In good faith, we offer it to you.

Delphinians for Spiritual Healing

Q. Can you give us your introduction to Spiritual Healing?

Each person is responsible for themselves and for their own evolutionary process.
What’s healing?
Re-balancing the Self every day.

An opportunity for healing is to embrace the Sun, invite the Light, deliberately, intentionally into ones life as a healing.
You know most spiritual practices work with light and talk about the light, the light…
The sun is the giver of Light, therefore to hold the sun in a reverent position in one’s life will connect the individual to the healing rays of the Sun. Without the Sun you cannot survive.

What’s does that mean?
There is a source originating from that great body of light that is necessary for life, for the healing experience in life. Each life has potential to heal the Spirit, as you are moving through your life there are opportunities to actually wound your own spirit.
When you deny the opportunity for growth and development, when you victimize yourself, when you throw your experiences under the bus as the expression goes, rather then embracing each and every experience as an opportunity for personal healing.

So each and every life is a Spiritual Healing, Is there anything else to strive for finally? The human must go through their desires, their emotional bodies, their pains, their in-completion in order to evolve .

~ The Delphinians ~