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Information from the Energies

We are an ‘energy-gestalt consciousness’, big words, but know that our messages are simple and easily digested and the results of ‘eating’ this particular type of information is profound. You will begin to see, to notice the subtleties of your particular ‘expression’ in this life experience and thus gain in strength, in joy, in understanding. There are extra stresses placed on humanity during these moments, which expose the excess stress that humanity has placed upon this Planet Earth that it inhabits.

We are not of your realm (vibration), but we are making ourselves available in service to you. We are not aliens from another star system, but rather energy, a Force that has gathered like a strong wind to wipe away, to blow away the debris that is scattered throughout your minds, that cause the fears, the insecurities, the disbelieving arrogance that keeps you all in ignorance of your own hidden power and talents as creators of your lives.

Know that we remain ever available, as long as our channel remains open.

~ The Delphinians ~

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