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The Acropolis

The Acropolis


27 May 2018

The Acropolis


Usually when you have special forces it is a small group. As the crisis takes a more stable form in your country the people become more and more aggravated and greedier. Everyone is thinking of the same thing, their pocketbook, their cash; what they are spending, what they are taking. It is a rather desperate position to be in. They do not really believe in God anymore, let alone that you could come in contact with the goddess Athena. It seems like a fairy tale. That the Greek mythology is too far away to capture anymore but we say it is not. We say that the gods and goddess exist outside of you and inside of you and it is your responsibility to connect.


Opening meditation

What we want you to do at the moment is close your eyes and imagine that you are inside that great statue of Athena that existed on that rock in the history of your civilization. Then you are going to start expanding and start growing and taking up all the space that is inside that statue. This means that you are filling it out, you are expanding and that expansion will affect your consciousness now. Take a moment and become that statue and expand. Now ground yourselves. Take five deep breaths expanding into the Earth.


Your country is being taken over. There is a European invasion and they do not necessarily have the same faith that belongs to the Greeks. They do not have the same history so when they come to your country it becomes a big amusement park and all the archaeological sites are like rides. It is your responsibility as Greeks to maintain the sacredness inside those sites.

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