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15 July 2018


Feel the wind now. Close your eyes and get with the elements here. Allow the sounds created by the wind to clear your minds. The ancients were more in tune with the elements than the present humans. They did not believe in accidents, they knew that everything had a purpose; everything had a reason to be. No experience was rejected. It was appropriate to explore the experience to find the hidden messages. So therefore, you stay in the flow if you take this type of approach to your life, you do not reject anything, you just move with what is happening in the life; you keep going. If you reject or resist your experience then you are basically spinning around in a circle. Meditation exercise

Thoughts tend to move in a spiral, the infinite mind moves in the infinity sign, the figure eight and this is one goal of expanding your consciousness, to become, to possess the infinite mind. So if you have an experience that you are not easily accepting, put it into a figure eight. Imagine that it is in the center with your mind and then start moving it. This will assist you to understand the lesson within that experience. Close your eyes for a moment and practice that. Practice making a figure eight with your mind. Move your thoughts, your consciousness in an infinity sign. Everyone successful? There are a lot of suggestions that you learn to conquer your mind, control your mind. We will say better to use your mind effectively rather than allowing your mind to run your life.

We want to start by asking you what the biggest challenge is with your mind, if you set yourself apart from your mind. Can you give us an example? You might say that my mind is always going to the pessimistic result of something, you could perhaps say the mind is split, or my mind does not allow me to sleep, or my mind blocks the messages from my heart…But first better to figure it out yourself. Ask your mind what is the problem with you.

Let’s begin, anyone.

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