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Aggitis Cave

Aggitis Cave

16 July 2018

Aggitis Cave


So much magic for you today.

Opening exercise

The spider is one of the most creative creatures on the Earth. What you might do is spend a moment with your eyes following the pattern of the web created by one of the spiders. Spiders build around their intentions and then they just sit and wait. They have the most patience of any creature and can escape very quickly. Have you ever tried to catch one with your bare hands? Probably not. Humans are a bit leery of spiders, but why is that? Power. It’s the power that each individual fears in the other. Power makes you awaken, become aware. Any experience in your life that tends to be traumatic or dramatic, you become more aware, you stand up straight, it makes you focus. Today spend a moment seeing if you can follow the pattern as if you yourself are the spider weaving your web around your intention. Anytime you want something in your life it is best to weave a web, to draw it to you; not necessarily to go chasing after it. Like the river where we told you to put something that you desire in your life into it and watch it go away from you. You have to put yourself into the flow of life to reach it. You can’t take it, you have to reach it and then receive it. Any questions about the great spider web? Any comments?

Why did the Indians imitate the movement, the creativity of the spider web in the dream catcher? Dreams are very erratic, they are not necessarily following any patterns. The dream catcher is created in a way to impose a pattern upon the dream so you can interpret it. It is not really to protect you from bad dreams; it is to place a pattern on consciousness so you can navigate through and interpret it. Just like the ego, it places a pattern or structure on your consciousness so you can move through life. Your ego is very valuable for that. It is when you become erratic that you face difficulties in your life. By following the pattern of the spider web, this can be imposed on your own minds and assist you to integrate the consciousness that of course is the goal for enlightenment. First you have to enlighten yourself. Who are you? Know thyself is so important on the path of enlightenment. That is how the spider can assist you. If you are lucky enough to actually watch the spider to weave the web; an even more effective exercise in patience. You all know that everyone needs to be patient. If you start to be annoyed because you are not patient, for example you are waiting in line at the airport, remember in your mind the spider webs you saw or create or follow the pattern of the spider web. This is a way to occupy yourself; to instill patience inside of yourself when you have to be patient and start to lose it. You all know when you start to loose your patience, you become tense, irritable, irritated, loud, aggressive –all these things are symptoms of impatience. Any other questions?

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