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Spring Clean Up at Delphi

Spring Clean Up at DELPHI

The ancient site of DELPHI offers the visitor an opportunity to have direct contact and deeper connection with their own personal entity field, or SOUL. This contact has the potential to create a more inspired degree of living and being.

Between 2006-2018 we have worked with the Delphinians and the energies buried at the archeological site of Delphi to create and secure a clear and clean connection between you and your entity whenever you visit the site. Each year we are instructed to make ceremony to ensure that this pathway is free from debris. This debris is created by visitors who unconsciously litter the site with unawareness.

On the weekend of APRIL 20-21, 2019 we will be making a ceremony at DELPHI geared towards cleaning the site and clearing our own shadows. Please join us!!

On SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2019 we will be visiting the …




15 July 2018


Feel the wind now. Close your eyes and get with the elements here. Allow the sounds created by the wind to clear your minds. The ancients were more in tune with the elements than the present humans. They did not believe in accidents, they knew that everything had a purpose; everything had a reason to be. No experience was rejected. It was appropriate to explore the experience to find the hidden messages. So therefore, you stay in the flow if you take this type of approach to your life, you do not reject anything, you just move with what is happening in the life; you keep going. If you reject or resist your experience then you are basically spinning around in a circle. Meditation exercise

Thoughts tend to move in a spiral, the infinite mind moves in the infinity sign, the figure eight and this …

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Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

9 May 2015

Mt. Olympus


Opening meditation

The first step is to put the water into your heads. Just listen to the water, get the sense of how it is moving, how it is running. Probably everyone has something inside their minds and first we want to empty that and you participate by opening your ears. Close your eyes.


Everyone likes to know that they are spiritual beings, today we want you to focus on being a human being because being a human being is what leads you to your spiritual presence whether or not you choose to go to church and pray or you go to the Buddhist temple and prostrate yourself or you do yoga. Whatever path you choose you are a human being walking that path.


Meditation exercise

So what we want you to do today as you are taking this short walk that …

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