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Mud baths, Krinides

14 July 2018


Certainly we welcome each of you energetically. You are on the Earth so please put your bare feet on the Earth now as you have quite a magical situation here with the wetness and it is very good for your systems. Self-healing is a very important aspect of life. First it is very simple to recognize when your body is healing itself. You can watch it. If you cut or bruise yourself, you watch it transform. So it is very important to keep this in mind as you go through your lives. It is very important that you forgive yourselves if you do any damage to your physical bodies. If you have an accident, trip or fall, immediately begin the self- healing with forgiveness. The first necessity in loving the self is to forgive the self. Think about this last year, is there an incident that you need to forgive yourself? Did you hurt another or hurt yourself? Think about it for a moment as you are grounding yourself with your feet on the Earth.

How do you want to forgive yourself? What is it that twists you? At any time in your life, no limitations.

I have to forgive myself for not taking good care of my needs and putting others needs above my own. How about forgiving yourself for not respecting the power of the sun? Yes. So that you can take the next step from the last time we encountered. You can begin with a morning mediation of apologizing to the Sun when you greet it. Ask the Sun to assist you in resolving the effects. It was an innocent mistake, you see? You really want to forgive your innocence concerning this. So use the Sun to assist you in reversing the damage. You understand that the sun damage is from sun bathing.

Each time that you get on the airplane and they suggest that you put on your oxygen mask first before your children, this will remind you to take care of your own needs. Putting other people’s needs before your own is sometimes necessary. This is a tribal vibration, to consider everyone’s needs and yours as well. Your question is about mothering, when you are caring for others before yourself. That’s the mother.

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