Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Mt. Olympus

We’ve told you that We’re interested in protecting this Land
Another one of Our interests is in Healing
Our Channel had her own opinion about that topic and We had to wait until she was in agreement… don’t ever call her a healer, she doesn’t want to take that responsibility…
The body is always giving the individual messages from the spirit: every accident, you might say, contains a message… you can’t really heal completely without the agreement of your spirit, you can’t really complete your life or complete your earth-walks without healing yourselves; and this is why We came here today: to bring in a Great Force of Healing… the earth is receptive, the earth is waiting to cooperate with the spirit…
When the human is passing through a crisis, this is when the spirit is most attentive, this is when the spirit is available to

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Road Trip (Vouliagmeni Lake – Sounio – Delphi)

Vouliagmeni Lake, 12th March 2010

Always if you should enter the water, symbolically, if you don’t feel like putting your physical form in, you can do it with your imagination; it’s an opportunity to take even more strength from the earth, from the positioning of the earth… the earth is shifting and this is something that We’ve been expecting and waiting for, for many lines have fallen into place… the earth is always shifting: some co-ordinates are in better position now for aligning the human form with the earth… you see that you don’t have to make any extraordinary efforts in any direction; you only need to be receptive and available…  
Now as far as the structure goes, this area is for balancing the m and f aspects of the Self, of the soul, you might say… as you all know, you’ve had some lifetimes as male, some as female

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