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Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony

Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony

19 Feb 2018
Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony 

It’s what happens in between. You know the expression “read between the lines”? It is what is happening in between that shows the way to the future; the unexpected things that happen. The magic is always in between so you manage to come here. You have carried the energy from the mountain top Festos – (phaistos), you brought it down to the city, back to the valley and back to another city and back here. As you see this place is not really excavated, it is covered with the moderns. Those who chose to live here are certainly affected by the site. This was a smaller city state, you might say, still associated with the matriarch. This is the goal and this is what each of you might ask yourself “Where is the matriarch? How do I find the matriarch?” Not when – but where and how? Even if you are reading some news, what is happening in the public or around the world, you can lasso the information- Where is the matriarch? Start searching for it. Read between the lines, it is in there. At this point it cannot be subdued.

We have talked about this century as the century of the woman. Now the woman is 18 years old, but she is still a child. Remember when you were 18, you didn’t want to listen to your father or mother. You didn’t necessarily join anyone else. You wanted to find your own matriarch. You wanted to bring out your own power, whether through your sexuality or educational process, or you were working, you started a job. Even as a man, you can still look at yourself as an 18 year old. As the years progress, the feminine power will get stronger. You know the process of development for the woman: as maiden into the mother years and then into the crone years. When the century has reached those crone years there will be obvious women in power. Right now, the women are still coming to their strength. 18 years old. Why now are women speaking out about this so-called sexual mistreatment in obvious industries as Hollywood? An 18 year old is usually not so confident in themselves to resist authority or the patriarch but now things are changing. Good for that. So, you find yourselves here on this island, we will call it the island of the matriarchal power. It is there, it is underneath. It is vibrating, it exists. And for the rest of the year we want you to ask, to look for it: Where is the matriarch? Where is she? Today you are here to simply close this travel and where you have begun in this small circle that has grown by one more member. Why don’t you take a walk through the village?

Meditation exercise

Each of you go in a different direction and take a small walk. Ask where is the matriarch? When you feel a vibration, stop and absorb that energy from the bottom of your feet. You are taking today from the Earth and from the site. Where is the matriarch? One of the rulers, one of the Matriarchs of the Minoan civilization was born in this village. That is the historical reference from our point of view. We do not follow the typical history because we are not interested in history but the future.

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