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Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

An Interesting Personal Reading with relevant information about the collective transformation that we encounter at the moment

29 December 2020

The ending of this year is a time for gathering. Gather what is most important to you: what really matters, what is of value and what can be discarded. It can be physical, material things, it can be emotions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, desires…it is a time to really clear it out. To empty the self of the past, of whatever is not needed for the future because the future is rapidly approaching now. As you well know from your investigations, new energies are arriving on the Planet Earth. The Earth is entering into a new vibrational position in the solar system and this is one of the causes of the great disruption that is happening at the moment within your civilization. As you see that there is not one area or society on the planet at the moment that is not experiencing a level of disturbance. There are disturbances within every society, every governing body, every human is also having that sense of disturbance and this is a wake-up call. This is something tapping you on the shoulder- wake up!

There is something else going on, the dream is changing. You are having a dream that is very vivid and it seems so real. You are completely caught up in that dream – your emotions, your thoughts, your reality is focused on that dream. And then someone comes along and shakes you and says Yo! Wake up! All of a sudden that dream ends, all of a sudden you are in a different reality. Correct? You have experienced this. You wake up from a dream and it is gone, it has disappeared. It is gone. Where did it go? What actually happened? You shifted your consciousness. The consciousness shifted from that dream creation to wherever you find yourself in the moment. What do you do? If the dream was very vivid, you try to understand it. You try to see what was going on? What was of value from that dream? What do I need to take with me from that dream to assist my consciousness to focus with more clarity in this reality that I find myself?

So, 2020, the big fireworks start, everything gets confused. Now it is ending, the year is ending. It is time to gather what is of value. It is a very good time to go through your material things and discard what is no longer valuable, what you do not use or need. It is a good time to go through your belief system, make a list of what do I believe? My name is ….I am living in the 21st century….I am the mother/father of this child…I am….What are my beliefs? So you start with the simple beliefs (that you know are true). Move from there, all the things you know, all the things you think you know and get in a bit deeper to other beliefs that may seem a bit obscure. I believe that humanity is facing a great crisis- for instance. Whatever. Go through and make a list of beliefs and then when you are finished making the list then you go back over them and decide which really do not fit into the new reality. Because it is time to shift the focus, it is time for each individual to deliberately move their own consciousness. Control, you might say their own consciousness, by deciding what you choose to focus on. What do you want to look at? Do you want to look at the pile of garbage at the trash site or do you want to look at the flower blooming alongside it? What do you choose?

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