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Nature ~ Nemesis ~ Rhamnous

13 August 2021

Ramnous, near the Temple of Nemesis

You might be able to feel that the future is rapidly approaching. Once the war starts, it continues. It doesn’t necessarily take a break and resume. So, the whole situation with the pandemic could represent a war. What is the war with? Nature. With the Earth itself. You could say that the Earth has gone to war with humanity. We avoid doomsday prophecies, we have been speaking about the Earth, the importance of recognizing, honoring, etc. We will say that it is the nemesis for the human nature that has created this battle that they face. Of course, it is not only with the virus but with the fire, the water, the air. It is not necessarily going to improve. You know what war is; you know what happens with war. There are battles and they continue until someone surrenders. How …

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Choices ~ Evolution ~ Incarnation ~ New Earth (from Personal Reading)

Choices ~  Evolution ~ Incarnation ~ New Earth (from Personal Reading)

30 May 2021  ~ (from Personal Reading)

It is always appropriate to count your blessings. It is always appropriate to see yourself as a witness. That you have the opportunity to participate and witness the big shift that is happening in humanity. And this is the position you should take. This is the position you have achieved in your life. Often when one becomes the witness they want to participate, speak up, say what they see. But that is not the place of the spiritual witness because once you become the spiritual witness, you are part of the audience. You know when you are at the theater and you are watching the performance, you keep your demeanor quiet, you stay quiet. Wait for the next scene, take a break. What do you do when they have the intermission? You take a break, get a drink, you do not really do …

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New Year Reading with Delphinians

10 January 2020

New Year Reading with the Delphinians

We are here with you, with each of you. We ask you to find yourself in a receptive manner, to open yourself. Don’t be closed, closed legs, etc. For this is an energy transmission. You know that you don’t have to be in the same room with us for us to access your energy field. Although your minds are very active, our intentions are to shift you energetically. Now there is a lot of talk about DNA, viruses, vaccines, fear, future, past….The moment is now.  Now the atmosphere on the Planet Earth is more receptive or open for the activation of your accelerated energy fields. You are living in a dualistic environment, dualistic atmosphere. So, when something is going down, something else is going up. There is always going to be a balancing act in this dimension. Your individual responsibility is …

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Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

An Interesting Personal Reading with relevant information about the collective transformation that we encounter at the moment

29 December 2020

The ending of this year is a time for gathering. Gather what is most important to you: what really matters, what is of value and what can be discarded. It can be physical, material things, it can be emotions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, desires…it is a time to really clear it out. To empty the self of the past, of whatever is not needed for the future because the future is rapidly approaching now. As you well know from your investigations, new energies are arriving on the Planet Earth. The Earth is entering into a new vibrational position in the solar system and this is one of the causes of the great disruption that is happening at the moment within your civilization. As you see that there is not one area …

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