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Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

Personal Reading (About New Reality ~ New Earth)

An Interesting Personal Reading with relevant information about the collective transformation that we encounter at the moment

29 December 2020

The ending of this year is a time for gathering. Gather what is most important to you: what really matters, what is of value and what can be discarded. It can be physical, material things, it can be emotions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, desires…it is a time to really clear it out. To empty the self of the past, of whatever is not needed for the future because the future is rapidly approaching now. As you well know from your investigations, new energies are arriving on the Planet Earth. The Earth is entering into a new vibrational position in the solar system and this is one of the causes of the great disruption that is happening at the moment within your civilization. As you see that there is not one area …

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