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Choices ~ Evolution ~ Incarnation ~ New Earth (from Personal Reading)

Choices ~  Evolution ~ Incarnation ~ New Earth (from Personal Reading)

30 May 2021  ~ (from Personal Reading)

It is always appropriate to count your blessings. It is always appropriate to see yourself as a witness. That you have the opportunity to participate and witness the big shift that is happening in humanity. And this is the position you should take. This is the position you have achieved in your life. Often when one becomes the witness they want to participate, speak up, say what they see. But that is not the place of the spiritual witness because once you become the spiritual witness, you are part of the audience. You know when you are at the theater and you are watching the performance, you keep your demeanor quiet, you stay quiet. Wait for the next scene, take a break. What do you do when they have the intermission? You take a break, get a drink, you do not really do anything because the excitement is just beginning. There is so much excitement in the world today and there is so much to judge but that is not the position of the spiritual warrior or spiritual light worker. When you are in a state of meditation, you are usually not speaking, there is very little vocal or thought processes.

The vaccination gives you an opportunity for another incarnation on this Planet Earth – on this vibration. There is a frequency that accompanies the vaccination and this frequency is incompatible with a direct ticket to the New Earth. If you are making long distance travel you are going to have to make a stop, you are not getting a direct ticket.

Vaccinated people must incarnate again? Most likely you will incarnate again. For many years I have been working spiritually on myself, that is not fair… It is not fair to whom? To me…and who are you? My personality. Intuitively, did you feel that you must take the vaccination? If you are honest with yourself? I did not want to do it. 

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