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DELPHINIANS closing ceremony for Greece

Delphi Closing Ceremony

6 June 2021

Close your eyes and take some deep grounding breaths. Connect with the Mother Earth. Wherever we take this body, she will be connected to the Earth and you can connect with us through that root. Many of you know that we have been working here for years, particularly on this site, to open the wounds that were inflicted with the years on a sacred site. You doctors know that you open the wound and you clean it out. The first years were clearing out. And then after that healing of the wounds, you came here to connect with the ancient spirit that resides here.

Meditation exercise
Today if you choose to go onto the site, you are going to have it in your minds that you are connecting. That you are opening through the soles of your feet, palms of your hands, your heart, your crown, you are opening to receive. What are you receiving? Let’s say the final offering from this source. We married this site some years previous, this means that our spirit connected with the earth spirits here and we keep that connection open. We are not getting a divorce. Anytime you come here, open when you first enter the site you can have the affirmation “I am open to receive. I am here now. Open to receive.” Just walk around keeping those points in your body in your mind where you receive. Any questions about this suggestion? Any site in this country where we have worked you can do the same thing whenever you need something from the spirit. In these places it is easier to connect. As you ground yourself on the Earth, you become one with your earth element. In this way you are present to allow the spirit to contact you.

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