Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Of course, you’re all welcomed here…
Perhaps you know of your own history of participating in the rituals here, you know that nothing was really transferred mouth-to-ear during those initiation rides; it was energy transference
no drugs were used – they weren’t necessary…
this was a very sacred Site during the matriarchal society here in Greece; if Delphi was the Naval, this Site was the Heart
This is the Site where it all began and it all ended for the education of the citizens in the matriarchal civilizations… the education was, of course, geared towards enlightenment – this was the understood goal of incarnation… 
probably some of you have already figured that out, that that’s your goal in life… so in coming here, you can begin again and you can end whatever you want… so you have an intention of something you want on your path

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We welcome you all to this wonderful Site…
you are at the foot of the Holy great mountain; this Mt. holds the balance of the f and the m power
You know that the Greek gods had both genders… 
you know that the patriarch chose the male deity… you wouldn’t want the matriarch to choose only a f deity, would you? You want balance, don’t you?
We’re bringing to you the energy, the power of the gods and the goddesses who hold this Sacred Mountain each of you are to consider where you need balance first – the m side or the f… then you choose a god or goddess –  whichever one comes into your mind, whichever one you like or dislike… all are available
We will assist the connection between each of you and that deity you’ve chosen… for the next 7

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