Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


We want to have fun!
The mind of the humans is too serious and tends to create trouble where it is not needed…
We have, certainly, raised the bet!
This means that it costs you more to participate because We become more invasive… We can get inside of you easier now…
Many of you welcome this; and you may as well! It’s positive after all… you wouldn’t be here if you thought it was something negative, would you?
What do you say?
 (…) Yes!
– So you don’t have to worryWe’re bringing you all on the plane with Us
And you know that a plane is not, only, an aeroplane; you can say a dimension is another plane, a different focus in life, a different way of looking at your lives…
Any time you’re concerned about something, you can ask yourself: ‘Can I see

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