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Chania, Crete (Archeological Site Crete)

Chania, Crete (Archeological Site Crete)

16 June 2018

Chania, Crete

Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and somehow bring your hands together. We are greeting you energetically. Of course you know it is all about energy. Before we get into the job today we would like to work energetically on each of you. We will start on this side. Just breath, feel the air. You are all working to survive this life and some are flourishing and some fading away. Regardless, there are always new opportunities for growth. We can say that the four who have gathered here today have balanced their feminine self which is one of the goals of the present lifetimes for everyone. As the power is shifting from the male to the female it is very important that the feminine aspects of the self be acknowledged, recognized, expressed and then of course balanced. Each expression needs balance, you …

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Uncovering Ancient Crete

June 16-17, 2018

Saturday and Sunday


Saturday meet at the entrance to the OLD CHANIA MARKET at 10am .

Join Jayne Claire and crew as we take the next step in uncovering the ancient matriarchal, Minoan civilization. With guidance and instructions from our channeled source we will experience a walking meditation around the city of Chania, connecting with the relics and the spirit of that lost civilization. Our goal is to support the rising of the feminine consciousness within our family of humanity and within ourselves.


Sunday at 11am

We will visit the 2000 year old OLIVE TREE  Here we will be having a group session with our source connecting further with the magic of the natural world!



Suggested donation  20euro/day

For more information contact JC +30  6987944921

Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony

Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony

19 Feb 2018
Tylissos Archaeological Site – Crete Group Ceremony 

It’s what happens in between. You know the expression “read between the lines”? It is what is happening in between that shows the way to the future; the unexpected things that happen. The magic is always in between so you manage to come here. You have carried the energy from the mountain top Festos – (phaistos), you brought it down to the city, back to the valley and back to another city and back here. As you see this place is not really excavated, it is covered with the moderns. Those who chose to live here are certainly affected by the site. This was a smaller city state, you might say, still associated with the matriarch. This is the goal and this is what each of you might ask yourself “Where is the matriarch? How do I find the matriarch?” …

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Delphic Motion: Uncovering Ancient Crete

On February 17, 2018
Meeting at the entrance to the archeological site of PHAISTOS

On February 18, 2018
Meeting at the entrance to ELEUTHERNA
we will also visit the museum there.

On February 19, 2018
Meeting at the entrance of TYLISSOS

please note that we may be sitting upon the EARTH so be prepared with mats, blankets etc.

please phone JAYNE CLAIRE for further information.6987944921