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St. Demetrius’ Cathedral, Thessaloniki

St. Demetrius’ Cathedral, Thessaloniki

28 Feb 2016  St. Demetrius’ Cathedral, Thessaloniki

Part 1

Here we are in the center of the city in a very, very sacred site. There have been many, many years that this site has been in the same location. Today you hopefully have the opportunity to go under the ground, into the crypt where the bones are stored. You know that the theory is that the spirit resides within the bones and after the spirit leaves the body there is a resonance with the bones. If the bones are kept there is a vibration that moves from that essence of spirit through the bones that have remained on the Earth. What we do now is that we invite the spirit, this essence, this energy of the saint to return temporarily to his old bones and hopefully he will respond. So what are you going to do?  Take a walk around the church, go look at those creations that the artists made to honor the saints. Get a really good picture of the saint in your head before you go downstairs. Perhaps you will not have much time. As you are walking down the steps or before you even go down the steps get a feeling of your own bones. When you are going near to the crypt, use your imagination that the energy, the spirit from those bones is merging with your own. As if the ghost or skeleton is standing up from the crypt and joining in with your body. Then you are going to take another walk around the church and come back out here.


You can even imagine you are breathing it in if you like. It is important that you stroll around the church first and come into a friendly relatefore you step down you feel your own bones, this will awaken your own spirit. That is when we will be connionship with the saint before going to the crypt. You can honor him; thank him for protecting your city. And becting your spirit to you. You must connect with your own bones at that point before you go down. When you go close to the crypt that is when you imagine he is rising up to join you, he is coming inside you.

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