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Nestos River

Nestos River

20 July 2018

Nestos River


Today we will have you as hunters, looking for your winged ones. This is a sanctuary for the winged creatures that bring the possibility of soaring, flying above whatever happens to be going on in life. You know that the laspi is very grounding. This is why you all start to feel the heaviness and the lack of sleep is because you really do not need it. This is what the human fails to understand that when you put yourself in such an intensive environment into that clay, day after day. It has many effects on the different systems of the body. When you are in the mud it is as if you are sleeping. You all feel some type of altering in the consciousness. If you focus on it after you exit, if you lie down and allow yourself to be inside of your body, you will have a multitude of different experiences of consciousness. The physical form and all systems are affected by that body: the nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular system. Everything is altered and adjusted. This is why they suggest not going into the sea or using soap. You break the process. Day after day it brings finer adjustments to each of the systems and also to the organs. It is a great healing body, of course.

Meditation exercise

Today as you walk focus on what is going on above, look up many times. Remember your birds, before you enter call the spirit to walk with you. In this way you will be expanding above. Going into the mud is a very physical experience, very grounding. Now you are going to connect with your spirits through the energy and consciousness of the winged ones. Every once in a while stop in your path and look up and see how many different creatures are watching you. They are very aware. Let the wind empty your minds, you should all be empty headed by now after the effects of the mud. By taking the walk you can expand your consciousnesses now. Bring the skies into your heads and let it go free. Any questions? Anything?

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