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Vergina Archeological Site Ceremony

Vergina Archeological Site Ceremony

6 December 2015


Here you have a relatively balanced land as far as the feminine and masculine energies go. This is why it is a good place to take down the patriarch. What does that mean? Just step off the throne and allow the feminine consciousness to rise and take the place. No need for battle or arguments, it is always important between the man and the woman to understand that they are coming from different directions. They have crossed different territories to reach the same position so neither is necessarily right or wrong. Even if you are angry, frustrated with your partner, put that in your mind that you have come from different directions. Therefore what you know is right about the journey is probably not the same thing that he/she knows. So if you find yourself frustrated, angry bring in an element of curiosity as to how they reached that experience, what is their conclusion? What did they see? Do this anytime you have a disagreement with a member of the opposite sex or a disagreement with yourself. Perhaps you need to make a decision about something, perhaps you are torn, you do not know in which direction to go. You can look inside yourself and ask yourself what is the masculine choice? What is the feminine choice?  In this way you can take a greater realization of your own feminine and masculine sides.


Meditation exercise

You came here today to really enjoy the place. Explore a bit, walk around the nature here. When you are stepping with the right foot you are going to be sending the energy into the earth. When you step with the left foot, you are going to be taking energy. Take a few moments to understand the circuitry. You are stepping and receiving, stepping and giving…That is how simple it is.

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