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Thessaloniki Healing Circle

Thessaloniki Healing Circle


Silence is always a pleasant experience; when you can finally silence the chatter of the mind, you can really begin the creative process. Most often when you hear something, see something or feel something, you respond by thinking something and many people say something. Sometime this year you may like to have a day of silence or one day a week. One day of the week that you choose to be silent. This will bring you closer to yourself. You must know that you came into life to know yourself. Before you can know the essence of yourself you could call it your godliness. You have to go through many steps or many doors or many curtains. The silence is a great tool. If you do not say what you think, it stays inside your mind and you have the opportunity to hear yourself; to hear many times the emptiness that exists- the emptiness of the self. Maybe that is where you can find your essence in the empty spaces. Many people fill their time up with activity, work, action, other people…and do not spend any time alone, do not spend any time with themselves. Look at the baby, the baby does not really say anything that is understandable. The newborn human is more with themselves than the mature. The newborn spends a lot of time within the silence of themselves. Let’s just be silent for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking inside yourself.  See if it is light or if it is dark. Keep walking.

Each participant shares their experience walking inside of themselves.

If you would like to take this suggestion to spend one day per week in silence or one day per month in silence, use this imagery that you have meet during this simple exercise, anytime that you want to speak so that if you choose silence, and the strong urge comes up to use your voice. Close your eyes for a moment and go back to that image. Those of you that were still in the tunnel and did not have a vision yet it is because we did not give you enough time. Before you sleep tonight, do this exercise, go back to silence and start walking again until you start to have a vision. If those of you that had those visions want to continue to play this game, do the same. Go back to your inner walk and keep going, see what else you encounter.


This is the first game for this evening. It is always important to investigate one self before you speak. It is very seldom that you meet someone who pauses before they respond to your question or your statement. But using silence gives more power than you can imagine. It creates the opportunity for the expansion of consciousness. After all, this is the purpose of coming into the light; to become conscious; to continue to grow into awareness and ideally cosmic consciousness.

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