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Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

5 December 2015

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

There are a lot of activities in the cities and this is a stimulant and also very distracting. The cities in the ancient times were created with greater finesse. You might say that they understood more the kinesiology of energy moving and they created systems to support the human body, the systems moving within the human form. Now it is a bit of madness; flying this way, that way. It is very disconcerting, very disturbing. We ask you all to have your feet flat on the ground. Those of you who were with us last evening put the spiral going in a counter clockwise direction at the bottom of your feet so that we can drain you of the disturbances that occur from the city life. As you exhale, send the energy down through your feet. Ok, now you can relax and enjoy your coffee. It doesn’t really go together, relaxing and caffeine.

Meditation exercise

After you get charged up, we want you to go into the museum; explore, find an article that attracts your attention, study it from all angles, read about it. Become very familiar with it so that you begin to identify with it, whether it is some type of a vessel, perhaps it’s a cup. Then you can imagine yourself drinking your coffee out of that cup, you see. Or if it is jewelry, imagine that you are wearing it. If it is a weapon, imagine using it. What we are saying is use your imagination to become close to that article. After you are familiar with it, you are going to create a figure eight around the article and back around yourself. This energetically helps you to become one with that article. After you have done that, for the next few weeks you are going to be placing that article around the city, wherever you find yourself.

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