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Thessaloniki, Healing Circle

Thessaloniki, Healing Circle

5 February 2017


Stand up. We want to have a circle and have your hands straight down, your fingers pointing to the earth. We are going to walk in front of you, we usually come from behind but now we want to be more direct with each of you. This is when we come into contact with your energy field, you might say. We put a bit of balancing on your chakras. All you do is breath and imagine the energy going out of your fingers to the earth. So the energy is going out of your fingers when you exhale. Be relaxed.

…Back to your seats slowly.


We want you all to know that life is not as serious as you make it out to be. So you might like to begin by giving yourself an affirmation, no matter what it is, where you are, who you are with, to whom it is about, give yourself this suggestion “It’s not that serious.”

It’s not so serious. No matter what is happening, if you affirm that it is not so serious you open up the channels for the other side of the drama – which is humor. Life is a wonderful gift; it is not always easy to know what to do with that gift. You meet some situations in your life it’s as if someone gave you a gift and you don’t know what it is and you don’t know what to say, thank you? Someone gives you a kitchen appliance and you don’t even use the kitchen. What do you say? It is not that serious, “thank you very much.” It’s not such a hard journey that you are on. The Greeks love drama and there are some great plays, dramatic performances. What do you want to talk about?

Allergic symptoms

We are blaming this on Wi-Fi. It’s the Wi-Fi virus. The immune system constantly exposed to these airwaves gets weakened. The immune system gets weakened. It is important to do something for your immune system. Everyone. Something very good is the trampoline, jumping rope, swinging, anything that gets you physical fitness. This can improve the immune system. Rather than pump yourself up with drugs, use a nasal rinse everyday. The pharmaceutical drugs will also weaken the immune system in the long run. Why should you pump water when you can just turn on the faucet? If you take antibiotics to fight an illness when you don’t really need an antibiotic, the body responds to that by decreasing the defenses. Of course you know the benefit of fresh air. If you keep your environment too hot inside the building, it is cold outside and you are walking in and out. All of these things affect your immune system. It seems that the viruses are getting stronger and everyone knows it. Did anyone not have a cold this winter? Anyone pass the season without an upper respiratory infection? How did you prevent it? Drinking a lot of water…Gargling with Swedish bitters…Good psychological condition…So you kept your immune system strong. Staying detached from my problems, cold showers…This also improves the function of the immune system – cold showers. Good nutrition…Good.

What’s your drama?

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