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Chania, Crete Healing Circle

Chania, Crete Healing Circle

8 March 2017

Chania, Crete

Good afternoon to each of you. This is a relaxed atmosphere so just shake it off. Loosen up a bit. We are greeting each of you energetically. We work with your energy fields so after this type of experience, take it easy on your bodies. Drink a lot of water. Pay attention to how you feel your thoughts and also your dreams. It is always a good idea to write down your dreams if you don’t already. Keep a record of them.


We always like to start with a greeting so we want you all to stand up and form a circle. We will be walking on the outside of the circle to touch your physical forms. Put your hands straight down with your fingers pointing down to the Earth, close your eyes. With this simple touch we are removing stress, this is our intention at the moment. To take the stress out of the physical body; you all hold too much stress in your bodies. Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply. We do a bit of energy balancing and you just relax. Good to yawn, let it go. Just let it go…


Everyone take a deep breath. Okay, back to your seats. Don’t forget that breath is life. Any time that you face a challenging situation in your life, in your day, in your job, in your family, you can use your breath to protect yourself from your own stress. They have determined that stress is a great contributor to imbalance and dis-ease in the human form. So you might make it a point to avoid stress and one way is anytime that you sense that it is approaching you, anytime you feel something stressful is occurring, take a deep breath. Focus on your breathing. Take your attention away from whatever is trying to grab you and breath. You are all very fortunate to be living close to that wonderful body of water, the sea. Those negative ions that are generated by the movement of that body are very beneficial to the human form. At least once a week you should walk next to the sea, at least, no matter what the season. If you are mulling over a problem, an issue and you have to make a decision, take it to the sea. Throw it in the sea: the question, the problem. Pick up a stone or shell, put the question on that piece of Earth and throw it in the sea. As you are walking, every time the sea washes in toward you, you are receiving your answer. The answer is coming, the right choice is coming. It is not that difficult to be a human as your mind wants to make it. Technology is wrestling the human away from the Earth, so that the human is not paying enough attention to the Earth Mother; forgetting the most important part of being alive – to be an earthling. You might as well start calling yourselves “earthlings” because no matter what you came into life to do, to be, no matter whom you came into life to love, you came into life to be a part of the Earth. That is why you have a body, it is part of the Earth and it belongs to the Earth. It doesn’t belong to you, you borrowed it; your mother built it for you using material from the Earth. So rather than sitting on the internet; go outdoors. Walk on the Earth barefoot, this is very healing. If you have pain in your body, go to the Earth. Walk barefoot and imagine with every step you take the pain is going back to the Mother because the Earth is a transformative energy field. You see nature constantly transforming itself from one season to the next. It is your responsibility to transform yourself. We encourage you to become “earthlings”.

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