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Athens Healing Circle

Athens Healing Circle

22 January 2017


We begin with some very old friends and very new friends. We greet each and every one of you. It is important to be with yourself, to know yourself. If you are never alone, you will not really know yourself. If you are never with another, one on one – just the two of you- you will never know that person. So, close your eyes. Relax yourselves. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. No tension, no expectations. We want you to imagine a light coming in from the top of your head and going out from the bottom of your spine into the Earth. Have your eyes closed and you have that imagine of the light moving down that tube – your spinal column. Anytime if you feel disturbed or nervous, anxious, put that image in your mind. You know that once you make an agreement with another, it is important to respect and honor that (not to be late). Just breathe with that light column in your spine. Stand up and form a circle so you stay close to the other person so we can walk behind you.  Close your eyes. This is where we bring in the balance. Keep the image of the light coming in through the spinal column.

Now we can begin. We want to go around the group and ask how you are. As if we are old friends and we want to hear what is going on with you…

Problems with pregnancy

Does your doctor tell you that it is normal? It will pass. This is a temporary situation for you, over-reaction to the condition that you are in. It is not unusual or as serious as you might imagine. You need to take in fluids. Have you tried lemon with water? Does this help? Usually you should have a warm liquid, try some soup. You cannot surrender to this; it is temporary, it is not unusual and it will pass. The lesson involved in all of this is to let it pass, let things go more easily. Not to think about it, just to let it go. Vomiting is letting it go, letting it come out. This is a time of a deep cleansing. The body in the first trimester is trying to clean itself up, to maintain the health of the newborn. So this is why any type of cleansing: herbs, detoxifying herbs, lemon juice, look in this direction.  Put your feet in warm water often, have a massage. Is reflexology okay for early pregnancy? Try reflexology. Your body wants no toxins, purity. It is a purification. It will pass. You can do anything that is safe for purification. Do not go into a sauna, but have a massage, reflexology, detoxifying herbs. Look in this direction. Let it go. Let it happen. Don’t lose your sense of humor. I am also anxious with what I am losing…you will have to put those things on hold. At the moment there is no time. Let go. You must let go. Before the newborn can safely grow, you have to let go of all expectations. It is time for a small detox.

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