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Nature ~ Nemesis ~ Rhamnous

13 August 2021

Ramnous, near the Temple of Nemesis

You might be able to feel that the future is rapidly approaching. Once the war starts, it continues. It doesn’t necessarily take a break and resume. So, the whole situation with the pandemic could represent a war. What is the war with? Nature. With the Earth itself. You could say that the Earth has gone to war with humanity. We avoid doomsday prophecies, we have been speaking about the Earth, the importance of recognizing, honoring, etc. We will say that it is the nemesis for the human nature that has created this battle that they face. Of course, it is not only with the virus but with the fire, the water, the air. It is not necessarily going to improve. You know what war is; you know what happens with war. There are battles and they continue until someone surrenders. How do you define losing a war? And this individual might have some insight into that, how is it defined? That this particular participant how did they lose… how do you define that you lost the war? It doesn’t mean that every solider is dead or that everything is annihilated or destroyed. There are always some resolutions that need to be made. So, what is happening with humanity at the moment is the resolution to make within your own character. What do you change about your character to proceed unharmed by the rapid fire that is going back and forth between nature and humans? Of course, sometimes soldiers are killed by their own team, this happens. The ancient people took a different view of life. They had a level of reverence towards the Gods. What are the Gods really? The creators, who is creating. Many times they gave credit to a God for creating something good on the Earth but they also gave credit to Gods for creating something not so good on the Earth. They took responsibility for their actions and decisions. They were in fact of a higher level of consciousness. This you can often determine by the art, what type of art was created during that period gives insight into how conscious were the people that were alive. If you look at many artistic expressions today, you often see a lack of consciousness or awareness. What are they aware of? A lot of it is discordant it is not beauty, etc. Each of you have a pretty good idea what needs to be changed within the human nature. What would make a better more cooperative world? When we say cooperative, we mean cooperating with nature. This is what often has been overlooked in the creativity of man. As they create are they considering how nature benefits from this creation and for this period in humanity nature has been overlooked. There is a great arrogance and selfishness within the expression.

As you walk through the site, you want to represent humanity. Everyone of your brothers and sisters and you want to have each footstep as a type of apology to the Great Mother Nature. Forgive us. Do not set yourselves apart from the brothers and sisters. This is your hubris. If you believe that because of your development of consciousness that you are superior to the rest, that can become your nemesis. The gods are not separate from nature. Nature often works through your body, whether it is an ache or pain, you know how many things can manifest in your physical form that represent your hubris, your tendency to be overconfident or your superiority. The superiority to the brothers and sisters does not help them or necessarily serve them on the battlefield. You are not going to grab the weapon from the soldier next to you and say – I’m a better soldier than you are – because you put yourself in harms way and get shot at first. You understand why it is important to keep a level of humbleness as a pilgrim of spirit on the Mother Earth. All of you love the Earth and the future is open for a greater service to the fellow man. Do not damn them because you are damning yourself.

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