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Nature ~ Nemesis ~ Rhamnous

13 August 2021

Ramnous, near the Temple of Nemesis

You might be able to feel that the future is rapidly approaching. Once the war starts, it continues. It doesn’t necessarily take a break and resume. So, the whole situation with the pandemic could represent a war. What is the war with? Nature. With the Earth itself. You could say that the Earth has gone to war with humanity. We avoid doomsday prophecies, we have been speaking about the Earth, the importance of recognizing, honoring, etc. We will say that it is the nemesis for the human nature that has created this battle that they face. Of course, it is not only with the virus but with the fire, the water, the air. It is not necessarily going to improve. You know what war is; you know what happens with war. There are battles and they continue until someone surrenders. How …

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