Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Kavala, Cross Ceremony

Close your eyes! Listen to the BELLS

As today  is Sunday and Sunday is away of  worship , , is it not? You came to the cross you made an  effort each of you to be here today in order to connect with the consciousness with  the Prince of Peace.

Yesterday we spoke about purity and today we’d just like to speak about peace..you know that with peace comes harmony, with peace comes an opportunity to collaborate effortlessly, with peace comes the opening of a path towards bliss and if you haven’t realized it yet this is your desire: bliss.  To  be One with All- with the creative force.

Now the Prince of Peace lights  the way, in a way, towards understanding. What does it require to be in harmony with God, to be somehow a son or a daughter of the Creator as a child of God, this means what? That you inherit, it’s yours already whatever your father possesses automatically it’s transferred to you or it’s shared with you. You have the right to anything that belongs to your father.

Let’s talk about the mother. There have been many systems before Christianity that worshiped the matriarch,  that saw the feminine principal as the guiding force to peace, harmony in the life. How..how did that get flipped over? How did that change? Why did it change? Why was there a shift towards the masculine principle? Anybody have any ideas what contributed to that shifting? Why not say imbalance. It went out of balance. Too much power held  in one position throws the relationship out of balance. Ideally between the masculine and feminine there is a balancing: balancing decision making, balancing choices, balancing power. When the matriarch went out of balance, taking too much power, feeling too omnipresent, beyond the masculine, we don’t need a masculine any longer…that was the beginning of the decline for the matriarchal societies. That’s when the masculine aspects of the society  started to arise ,  aggressive  and dominating  tendencies  slowly slowly the men took over. Now you have the experience within your existence to witness the feminine rising up, the females coming into greater view as powerful beings or as those with the power. Any of you involved in this new age movement know that it’s mostly females, mostly it’s the women who come into..who come to the classes, who want to learn the new techniques, who are interested in the healing arts. The men are appearing but they are lagging  behind a bit. They’re dragging their feet because they realize it requires a sacrifice. They have to acknowledge the power of the feminine,  they must take some level of responsibility for contributing to the patriarchal rule that is around the world this present day.

You live in a society that is not at the forefront of the feminine movement or of the feminine consciousness but it’s coming up. And each of you have your own responsibility to that, whether you accept it or not. But it’s time you take your own power to recognize that you are at the beginnings of the movement towards emancipation. Do you know this word in Greek? Please say it. Χειραφέτηση. The emancipation of the feminine. This means that taking your own power, taking your own.., taking control of yourself is a pleasure at the same time is a struggle to release the maiden, release the mother, release the control or the one that wants to control. You know that men tend to be more impersonal when it comes to business than women. Women are still taking things personally. They are still getting disturbed by  it , by their movement in the professional world. This has to change. Women have to become more accepting of their power, more easy with it rather that once they find it they want to really hold on to it, receiving and accepting are  much different than grabbing and holding ..

So this is our introduction. You know we’d like you all at some point when you’re here, to stand at the cross looking at all over this beautiful scene to close your eyes and to bring the sense of the individual who is worshiped in religion as the Son of God, to invite Him into your energy field as a guide to assist you upon the path of the matriarch. So, if he is the son of God you can become the daughter of God whether you’re man or woman. So you stand, you look up and you invite that. You stand open like that T and you invite that energy into your Heart Chakra. That’s the exercise for today.

Now we open for questions. Anything-everything-whatever you like. You can begin on this side: if you need help, if you can’t express in English language someone will translate into Greek for you. Whomever speaking. Go on!

-Thank you. I have a question about Greece. We witness the last years an explosion of this New Age stuff let’s say coming to Greece, a lot of teachers of the New Age they want to establish a school in Greece or they’re doing workshops and every year they’re more and more and I would like to ask if this has to do with your work here in Greece and if- how to put it now- and if this is beneficial for Greece.

-Now all tourism is beneficial for the Greek economy although it’s not necessarily going to fix it. You know Greece has a great historical point of power and this is the mystery schools, the philosophers. They’re very enticing to foreigners. There’s always been an influx of others into your land and often times it was perhaps for the wrong reasons, just for vacations, just to leave their minds behind and have a good time. The fact that Greece is being recognized as a spiritual center in the world has always been a personal goal of Jaynes .  We support her intention to make these journeys here there and everywhere. And we cooperate with her and we cooperate with each of you who come forward and finally the earth agreed to cooperate with us and this was a very important moment. At that point the navel Delphi opened and this represents the will of the lands. You could say that Greece stood up and said “I will be recognized for my worth as a woman”. Let’s say that a woman, a young woman’s ho is  beautiful  attracts a lot of sexual attention, you see, while she grows and matures she stands in her power, “I will be recognized for my power not just for my beauty and good looks” you see? So Greece herself has stood up and declared trough the opening of the will center that she will be recognized for something more than just a good time, you know, a roll in the hay, you might say, so we  won’t take credit for anything if you know us, we don’t accept acolytes  or trophies but it’s all connected. There is definitely something moving and something shifting, of course if you stay on the surface and focus only on politics etc you’re focusing on the patriarchal aspects of the land. If you focus on the sacredness… the ability of your sites, wherever they are, the Acropolis, Delphi, Philippi, if you honor these sites as matriarchal , very receptive, very opened and inviting, like a warm yiayia (γιαγιά) you know, not the one that would shake the frying pan in front of you but one who would embrace you with her softness then you’re on the right track for honoring your land as a spiritual site,  the whole country.

-Thank you.

– Go on. Who else? Who wants to speak?

-Go on!

-Yes, I come from a country, from Germany, that I feel very masculine and  I was used to this very masculine system and I came to Greece and I feel  it’s much more easy to develop feminine energy, yes this is very big, a deep reason of what you say, what you told before, and this is the big value for me to be here. Yes, anyway, I want to ask something because I have a very feminine work, I’m working with sounds and I begin to do it here in Greece and I want to go and do  with donation, not with all system, because like this because I know the people have not much much money and I want to know something about donation from you because my experience is some people go with this and I feel donation is giving from the heart, by heart, and some people use it for I say for the egoism maybe and I want to know about donation, if to go on with donation.

-Now do you mean the person who’s giving the service becomes egotistical or the persons that are receiving?

-I mean that it is easy to say ‘oh, this donation is so…I don’t have to give anything for the money, or I have to give only a little, I get a lot but ok I can hide that and I can give only a little”, something like that.

– Don’t worry about that. You know it’s..there’s always some kind of an exchange and if you chose to do your work within  the arena of  a donation then you accept whatever anybody’s willing to offer. Certainly some persons are taking advantage of that but perhaps that’s their way of life, perhaps they take advantage of the life and they will pay in another way. They will not have the chance to receive fully your offering if they’re calculating in their minds how they might benefit without giving,  how they might take rather than receive. There’s a difference. We touched on that you see, if you receive something then you open, if you’re taking something usually you’re closing, you see, you’re closing and I’m taking this.  If receive he has to take it and often give it. So you know, of course you don’t judge your offering by how much you receive from those to whom you’re giving it, you judge your offering by how much inspiration you’re receiving, how much personal healing you receive by performing the operation. Of course many persons are in life believing they came to take something, they have a type of a chip on their shoulder that they’ve already given too much, they shouldn’t have to give anything but if you really want to open to the energies of the creative force you yourself know as an individual how much you have to give, how much YOU had to give as far as your intention, your effort in order to master the instruments that you work with you might like to talk with these instruments rather than necessarily come into a talk with those who might come to receive from you. You know you can talk to your bowls: “How do you feel today? What do you feel like giving? Who feels like giving the most?” and don’t worry about the humans because always with the humans you’re going to have idle chatter somewhere if you allow that to draw you in and bring your attention to their small minds because anyone who’s trying to give as little as possible is operating in a small, in a little mind. They’re not expanding their consciousness to say:”I honor what you’re offering and I give all that I can knowing that I will get it back.” So..

-Thank you very much.

-And you do very well here, who came here as a type of emissary of peace, of healing for the others. You bring a sound, you bring a healing sound into the circles that form around you and that is a wonderful thing that you yourself offer and you receive from the universe. Don’t imagine that you’re receiving from the others so much. It’s the universe that honors your offering. It’s the earth, it’s Greece that honors your offering, it’s the goddess that is rising up supported by the God that honors your offering.

Next? Someone else? You can speak Greek and someone will translate for you no doubt.

– I need more energy every day so I can go deeper and deeper into myself with peace, understanding and light.

– You know, it’s important to use your breath. Use your breath to bring you into a harmonious place; do find some techniques that allow you to utilize the air that you breathe. Use the earth, breathe with the earth as you inhale bring the energy up the back of the spine as you exhale take it down the front and go back into the earth.You see although there appears to be a great crisis on the surface everyone’s talking about the finances etc, what they’re not realizing is that the earth has opened to the spirit and anyone who makes an effort, and this refers back to your statement Regina, the people are coming because it’s pulsing, there’s a greater attraction here because there’s a connection between the..if you wanna call the spiritual rounds and the earth mother, it’s open so that anyone who’s between, who’s on the earth can easily connect with their spirit, with their entity, with their higher selves, with whatever you wanna..however you want to describe the spirit. So simply by breathing with the earth, allowing the circuitry to connect you.

Now we would like to go out of the sun. Do you mind taking a break finding some shade all of us? OK?




You must know that any time we give a suggestion to you to do something then we will be there to support it.

Now everyone close your eyes for a moment, exhale into the Earth down the front of the body and inhale from the earth up the back of the spine over the head and see if you can create a circuit with your imagination. You are connected to the Earth in that manner. Keep it going for a few moments.

You might notice that you’re you are going deeper and deeper into the earth, this is how it should feel. Also eventually you will feel a stronger and stronger connection at your solar plexus with the Earth, you will feel strongly connected. This exercise will ground you and also allow for more clear openings of the energy systems within the physical form, as well as greater opening to the psychic faculties that each person does actually possess whether they know , whether they use them or not. You all have the power of clairvoyance , psychic prophetic abilities, it is not really limited to one or two. These are simply abilities that were left behind , forgotten as the new technologies take over.  Everyone used to know how to chop wood and take water from the well but you don’t need to anymore, you just push a button and the heat comes on, or turn a nob and water flows. So those abilities are left dormant. They sit and wait to be reawakened. This is the same with psychic abilities. Any type of meditation , yoga practices support the awakening of those abilities. Always pay attention to your dreams, write them down even if they make no sense at all keep a record of them. Eventually , reading back you will see that some sense does come from that unconscious state of being that is called sleep.


Question: from the moment we climbed up I have palpitations.

Did you stop smoking yet? (No) perhaps you consider it. Consider that there is a beginning and there is an ending for everything. When it comes to something like tobacco it is important to end it at some point so that you may evaluate its effects on the physical form. So you might consider that. You know there was a bit of stress to get here, a type of anxiety of going into the unknown , finding a new road. All of these things were planned by us, even if it seemed to be helper-shelter…’where are we going, is this the right road’?…it was a plan to welcome each and every one of you onto this path of the matriarch . It is so important for Greece that the feminine consciousness stand up and be counted, be honored, be elected even…if there could be a female political party somehow developed to take the hands out of the patriarch that would be ‘BRAVO’. When you feel the heart rhythm going out of order it is a good idea to lie down. At that moment. And be with the Earth. For you it is a little bit of dehydration, perhaps you had coffee and not enough water because you were taking a trip. And the tobacco constricts the vessels.


Question:  my family..the relationship between my aunts, uncles and my brother.  He is searching for a job and when he asks to stay with the relatives they reject him. He had a fight with my aunt with whom I live and finally he took off..

So you feel somehow responsible for him, that you should be able to intervene and open a family plot for him.  (Yes and they put me in that situation)

They don’t work on themselves, they are not trying to become better human beings. What you are doing as you enter into this so called ‘New Age’ or path of enlightenment, you are trying to become a better human being. Many times the family members are not, they don’t really care to become better. They just want to get by, and that is the pity of it all, that is the sad part, because they can’t change easily, so they don’t even try, they don’t bother. They have already given up. Once someone has given up they start to blame the others. Once someone has surrendered they want the others to surrender too. They say ‘come on, give up, you’re not worth anything either’. You can’t save your brothers back, he is responsible for his self. You have always been challenged with the relationships with your family and you have managed, every time they’ve knocked you down, you’ve managed to stand up stronger. So once again you stand up stronger, no fighting…peace…but also truth..speak truth and support peace. We can’t go in and rescue your brother until he comes here, or unless he’s here, then we can make some type of adjustment. But as he is where he is, you are where you are, you’re siblings but you are not really on the same path. You’re on that road he is on another, maybe someone takes a wrong turn. You can pray that your family sees the light. When you go up to the cross and you embrace the Christ consciousness into you heart then you can project it out with an exhalations to anyone that you feel needs it. One by one with each exhalation, to your aunt, your uncle, your brother. Whenever there is a disagreement or something that makes you feel unwell you can do the same. When you exhale, exhale from the heart to the other the energy of the prince of peace. Pass it to the other, rather then go into the mind or into the voice to argue or to think . Don’t get involved, just do that meditation to share that energy and then allow that energy to find its way into their consciousness through their breath. You can connect your exhalation with the others. If someone is complaining to you or not really being on the path to Harmony try to get in with their breathing so that you are exhaling at the same time. So you’re not really listening to them you are observing them. As you get in with her exhalation you send from your heart Christ. Breath with them . With your exhalation you’re transferring the Christ consciousness to them.


Question: although I am seeking peace of mind I am full of anger and believe that I do not have the ability to forgive and leave the past behind let it go. What should I do?

What is the biggest thing that made you angry. ( my parents beat me many times)

You were beaten for being a child, because someone couldn’t hold their own anger and threw it out at who you with aggressive actions. And that was unfair and that’s was not appropriate , that was a mistake. Somebody made a big mistake and it wasn’t your mistake so you did not benefit from that,  you were harmed from that. And now you have grown up and you feel frozen in the past. How about if we tell you that that was just a dream. That it didn’t really happen. What would you say? But I know it happened. But it was just a dream, it was a nightmare wasn’t it? It was a bad , bad , bad dream. Would you like to never see those people again? (I believe I need them in my life) Have you spoken to them about it? What did they say? ( that they don’t remember, that I exaggerate)  So for them it was a dream. They believe that you were dreaming. They don’t understand The difference between big and small, it wasn’t an exaggeration. Did you ever feel like hitting them back. ( no, I tried to protect my younger sister)

This is injustice. You can let it go because you’re not small anymore, it is not you. That was the dream of childhood. Holding onto that leaves the potential for happening again. Realizing that ignorance is what was driving your parents they were not very clever. Ignorance was driving that patriarchal act, there is karma involved. There is an expectation, there was an expectation from your parents that you would overpower them, that you would come into a position where you would dominate them. So they acted in a way to put you down to keep you down, to keep you weak so that you don’t get stronger. Forgiving is an act of power. It’s not giving power to the one that you forgive it is building your own power. This is the point that you are missing. In someway in your mind you don’t think it is righteous to forgive because you believe that if you forgive it is  going to empower them. But actually it’s going to empower you. And maybe you’re afraid of power because you saw how they misused their power, and you are afraid you might also misuse power.  FORGIVENESS IS POWER.  When you forgive them you leave them behind, you don’t need them then. The belief that you need them is because you didn’t forgive them . You need them so that you can continue to blame someone else. Consider it, because power is something that everyone wants but everyone is afraid of. LOVE IS THE GREATEST POWER.  Do you imagine that Jesus Christ didn’t forgive . (how to go about doing that) Decide that it wasn’t their fault, blame it on ignorance. That they were a little bit stupid. Can you except that. Why do you think that they did that. Why? Because you were so bad? Or because they didn’t know what else to do. That was the rule of the day. Beat your children , beat your wife. Use physical force to keep the peace in the family. There’s a lot of persecution in the world there’s a lot of injustice in the world. Not only in the small families but in the big family of humanity. Decide to forgive , pray for forgiveness. Not for you to be forgiven but for you to have the power to forgive others. I pray for forgiveness so that I may be forgiving of others. Forgive others who don’t honor the donation after I’ve given my best. Forgive others who who are throwing garbage on this land. There is so much ignorance in the world. To rise above the ignorant and forgive them for they know not what they do.

Forgive them , they were young. They don’t even remember, you should laugh at that! And you’re not the only one who was beat you know. Who here was beat as a child? (Many in the audience) Who would beat their child today anyone?

(I did it once) Tell her why you did it. ( I was trying to show him my way)

First you decide because at this moment you’ve decided you’re not going to forgive them. So change your mind. Say I WILL FORGIVE ALL INJUSTICE. Watch as the emotion comes up if anger comes up work it out of you. We will give you the file from yesterday that speaks about anger.


It’s one step after the other. You decide : I will stop smoking cigarettes and then the next step you lite up..I will stop. If you give yourself that suggestion enough times eventually you will stop before you lite up. It takes persistence , any change requires attention and persistence . If you wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and you give yourself that affirmation ‘I will forgive all injustice’ . Then you go out and you’re driving and somebody pulls in front of you and that’s injustice… you get angry and then it will come back I forgive injustice …I will forgive this person ..it’s easy , it’s one incident ..he didn’t cause an accident, he’s unconscious like almost every body. Then another person does something and the anger and then I’ll forgive this person. Start forgiving the small injustices that you encounter. Because if you’re not forgiving the tendency is to be self-righteous and defensive and that blocks you from loving yourself and others. It is always important to forgive, forgive yourself you’re a human being, forgive yourself up another cigarette. But I’m hooked, Great Spirit assist me to balance this relationship with tobacco. And then enjoy. We spoke about this many times don’t smoke with company, don’t smoke and have conversations. If you’re going to smoke just smoke. I’m going to smoke now. And to be only with that tobacco just you and that. That’s it. And this protects from what we said yesterday about that smoke. That’s the first step. Smoke by yourself, only you and your own thoughts. And in this way you can break it because you put it in a different perspective in your reality. It is not a habit anymore.


Question: I have an issue giving freedom to my 14 year old child. I insists on his schoolwork. I promise myself I will stop but I continue.

This is what you can do you don’t promise yourself you promised him. Take him out somewhere outside of the house to a public place for ice cream for coffee. You sit and you tell Him that ‘ I release responsibility for your education, you’re 14 it’s in your hands, you must know that there’s a limit to how long you can be under the umbrella of my caring. This means that at some point you’re going to have to have a job and you’re going to have to be responsible for yourself. If you see that the education is important for that, if you know what you would like to do as an adult and you start studying that… but I’m freeing myself. You’re old enough now to be educated.’ And then of course it’s on you to watch yourself before you say anything about him studying or whatever . What does he like to do? He has more of a mechanical leaning then intellectual. (He likes football) it is not a practical dream to be a football player there are too many boys who like to play football but there’s only so many members of the team. Maybe some type of fine-tuning of mechanics, crafts , putting together airplanes , miniature airplanes. Does he generally dislike  the school system? (Yes) (is it correct to just let him go and not push him?)

No it is not correct and no it is not incorrect. It is what you decide. If you feel that you have reached the end of your rope, rather then say to him ‘are you reading ‘ you can say ‘I am going to go and read.’ Do you like To read? (Yes) does he like to read? ( only a book his father gave him) what is the occupation of his father? (DJ) (we are divorced) ( I try to give him my best, but I think I am over protected, I am lost between limits and freedom) and that’s OK maybe you’re walking the fine line between limits and freedom. He’s old enough to be free to choose his path in life. He’s better with mechanics to do something with his hands. You are trying to steer him in the direction not exactly knowing where you are sending him.  He doesn’t know where  you’re sending him but he  trusts you , so he’ll go your way. Best to have an adult conversation with him so you stop nagging him. Ask him many questions and tell him ‘I will be behind you supporting you, I won’t push you any longer’. Now he is growing up, he is not your mate, he is not your responsibility really. Your responsibility as the children mature, the parent is supposed to separate more and more and become more of an observer. Watch the child , always keep your eye on them, but you are not behind them. Because if you stay behind them too close you will create one of two things..either over dependency or over independence. ‘ I want to I have to get away from this ‘. Or ‘ I will never get away’. It’s the parents role to continually step back , every year of the child’s growth after age 7, you are always stepping back. So that they feel more space around them . They have the free space to think about, ‘what is it that I would like to do in life, what can I dream about, what interests me, what direction am I interested to pursue.  ‘

Question: having to do with forgiveness..the saying is ‘forgive and forget’


You know forget the pain, forget the hurt. Because often someone is trying to forgive something that hurt them, this hurt me, I feel hurt and then as the time passes it’s easier to forgive because you don’t feel the hurt . So you forget the hurt but don’t forget what happened because often you really can’t forget can you ? As you are in relationship with others and as you grow in life with another it’s important to remember so that you don’t get hurt again. So forgive yourself that you hurt yourself on the stove but don’t forget how you did it because then you’re going to do it again , so that you can remember .

So forgive  and forget , forget the pain but remember the situation so that you are more aware. Life is a path towards self realization, and awareness is that path.  You don’t forget that the last time you road over some rocky road you damaged your tire, so you don’t do it again. You stop before the rocks. Correct? Because you didn’t forget what happened, but you forgot the emotion. Remember the situation.

When you go up to the cross, give it your all, really embrace that consciousness that is available. It is not only for those who go to Mt Athos. Good day.