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Goddess Festival, Athens

Goddess Festival, Athens

November 2015

Close your eyes, we want to bring in the goddess. So if you can close your eyes and bring one of those goddesses in; of course you are in Greece now so we suggest you honor a Greek goddess.  If you don’t know you can always use Athena, because she is available, you know.  It is not honorable to only honor only the female, so we have already done the job yesterday to honor the gods. Put the goddess in your mind.  See if you can animate her now, let her come alive.  If you just perform the dance routine here, you use your imaginations to bring her as one of the participants.  Now we have music so you can imagine her dancing. You know that dancing frees the spirit.  Anytime you are feeling sad or gloomy, you can put some music on and dance.  We would like to greet you energetically; we have been talking for so many years.  What else can we say?  Your life is a gift, a gift from the Divine. You don’t have to identify the Divine in a dualistic way. You do not have to put a masculine or feminine label on divinity do you? This was the mistake of the patriarch anyway.  They took out all the feminine and left only the Virgin Mother.  Perhaps if you adopt a baby you could be a virgin mother…but usually you don’t find a virgin mother now do you?


So during this Goddess Festival don’t forget the dualism is something that at some point in your evolution as a being you have to rise above.  Because life is about balance. The human walks on two legs to remember all the time balance, balance, balance…Anytime you are having a disagreement with another person, no matter who it is: your wife, your husband, your child, your boss…think about balance. No matter what the subject is, plant that idea inside your own mind.  Where is the balance? How can I balance this?  Anytime you are having a conversation with another you can put that idea in your head.  Why do you think that men and women fall in love with each other? Why are most people heterosexual? The duality, looking for balance.  If you believe that you have a soul or spirit, it is neither masculine nor feminine.  The human being has one brain but two sides of the brain and one is for logic and the other for intuition. One could be labeled masculine and the other feminine.  Usually you fall in love with someone who can offer you an education in balancing your masculine and feminine sides.  Once you master that then you have a challenge of mastering the God of yourself. This has three sides, creator, destroyer and preserver. As you create, many times it is necessary to also destroy so that you can create. Other times you want to preserve something.  You want to preserve the peace in your marriage so you don’t bring up something that you don’t like in the other. Duality, once you go above that with your conscious awareness, you are faced with a bigger challenge of balancing your relationship with your own inner godliness.  Each of you came here today for a different reason and some of you do not know us so well, others know us very well…First let us welcome those that do not know us and let them ask any question they may like…


(If someone has found balance in life, must they search for a boyfriend or girlfriend…?)…You may want companionship; it doesn’t mean that you are no longer a woman or a human being. Maybe you want companionship, your standards are higher and you may want to match with someone who is as balanced as you. Some people become monks or nuns because they are satisfied with their relationship with the Divine, not because they are more balanced.  There are many reasons why, many times because of pain…a young girl may have been hurt as a child by her father or grandfather and decides to turn to God to stay away from men.  A young man cannot identify his sexuality so he becomes a monk…

A positive reason?  They feel that they no longer need the physical comfort of someone close by.  Life is not a race, you do not compete one with another on the evolutionary trail. Life is a school house and there are a number of different lessons to learn…Maybe as a woman balanced in the masculine and feminine you want to help some more men, so you go into another relationship realizing it is a type of wrestling match between the masculine and feminine.  But the wrestling match is not with the man but rather inside yourself; maybe you test your own emotional body to see if you can stay centered and balanced.  Once you learn to balance yourself on a bicycle, don’t you still want to ride a bicycle? It is about life, the birds and the bees, you know what they say, why not enjoy it?  If you can as a balanced human being mate and merge with an unbalanced human being, you can help them. The challenge is not to lose your balance.  A side note, it is nice everyday to do some type of balancing, ride a bike, yoga, stand on one foot as you wash the dishes…do something.  Don’t forget it!


(I am in tension at this moment in my life, I think I have lost my path.)…You need to pray, for one week why don’t you go to a different church everyday.  Go to the church and ask God to give you a sign.  So everyday you are going to the church and you are saying “God, I feel lost, give me a sign in my life.”  And then the next day “Hey, goddess, come on, you know I am here for you…” There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is the way, and the way is your way…Many times you try to do things other people’s way, you think you are pleasing them, but you are not.  You cannot please anyone else. You can only please God.  Nobody really knows who is God? What is God? What God wants? Don’t worry so much.  Pray.  Find a tree that you can make friends with. Your best friend is a tree now. Some people you talk to do not really understand you, they are not getting you and they are not helping you. Go to God and go to nature. Don’t worry; you do not want to be a nun, not in this life. You were a monk anyway and that monk knocks at your door but you do not have to open the door anymore.  You open your heart to the divine.  Find it in the church. Churches are often built on sacred sites. You know they built a church on the Parthenon, so don’t forget to go there, too. When you are walking talk to the great goddess.  Tell her “I came here to see you, where are you? Here I am.”


(A woman caring for her elderly mother feels she is losing her joy, her chi…)  God Bless her…First of all, she is not your baby.  Does she understand what you are saying to her?  I think she does.  You love her but this is a hard time. The elders are being kept alive with pharmaceutical drugs that disturb the minds.  Everyday you have to empty your heart, so go outside at night time, if you can– see the moon or a star.  Stand with your arms open to your sides, strong and you look up and you have the intention “I empty my heart” and imagine that there is like a trap door that opens at the bottom, you open and it empties everything out.  Then shake your hands and then blow and breathe in the light from the moon or the stars whatever heavenly body you see and bring it to your heart, over and over.  She will not live forever.  You love this lady…you have had a very long, long, long history with her. There have been some disagreements let’s say and there was some belief that you owed her something. She believed that you owed her something. But the only thing you owe her is love.


So every morning go to the same location that you did the small ceremony the night before and allow the sun to shine on you and you take the strength to go on one more day with mama.  You just keep going. Don’t worry. This is one of the most exhausting feats and usually the women are doing it, of course…Do you have a brother? No. If you did he probably wouldn’t help you anyhow. Don’t worry.


(How can I go deeper into myself?) Do you write? Yes. Do you write about yourself? Yes. Do you enjoy your life? Yes. Do you enjoy reading what you have written?  I don’t read it.  Why not? Perhaps you should read 6 months back so you can integrate what you have written. Not to burn it, but to see if you missed any fine points. If you write a book you proof read it. Don’t you?  Do you write your dreams? No.  Why not? Do you remember your dreams…Everybody write your dreams!!  No matter if they make no sense at all they are the most exciting ones. A blue car, a man with black hair; six months later you fall in love with a man with black hair and a blue car.  Who told you that you are not doing enough anyway? Who is the critic?


I asked how do I get deeper toward my destination.

Write down everyday what you think and feel and your dreams. Write down a couple sentences everyday what you think and feel and your dreams and six months later you will be a lot deeper.  The only way to go deeper is to go inside yourself not outside. To investigate– how do I feel today? What am I thinking? What is in my mind? What is going on? Ask yourself more questions. Everyday write down 3 questions you would like yourself to answer for you.  Anything you think of. What was my mother thinking when she gave birth to me? How did my father feel about my birth? These are just examples of what you can ask yourself, you don’t have to have an answer just write down those 3 questions–this is good advice for anyone.


Another stranger in the group?

(I am not enjoying my life.) You are not looking for simple satisfaction; simple things.  It would be nice for you to work with some flowering plants. To take care of something that blooms, so you can have joy when you see the simple bloom.  Don’t forget the spring time as the season goes toward winter. Take more time to pay attention to trees and nature.  Watch the leaf fall from the tree so you still your mind.  What is your biggest happiness in life? Are you a pessimist? Yes, a lot.  Then, everyday write down your thoughts. “What is wrong with today?” is the title. Oh, it’s Monday, I hate Mondays… Write down 10 things for 10 days and then go back and read and see how ridiculous it all sounds.  How crazy it is.  And see how many times you repeat the same thing in those 10 days. Whatever you see that you are repeating in those ten days, take a piece of paper, write the negative thought in pencil, take scissors, cut it up into tiny pieces and go bury it somewhere.  This is how you can take it out of you.


Let’s make a final circle. We are greeting each and every one of you energetically.  We are welcoming you all.  The benefit of one is the benefit of all. Have a nice time today at this joyous occasion where the feminine is showing her face finally!!

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