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Lagada Hot Springs

Lagada Hot Springs

LAKADA Oct 3, 2015

It is important to accept that there are no accidents. Even if there exists a small mass it has the potential to multiply, to spread.

We ask you all to close your eyes and imagine your place in the city, if you have a place in the city put yourself there with your consciousness. If there is another place that you visit intercity, your office perhaps , or a family home go there now. And now if you have clients  and you visit their homes, go there. So you are moving your consciousness around the city.   (Long pause)

We have said many times that the Earth absorbs the thoughts and the vibrations from the humans. Maybe she explodes in another position, or another place but the Earth is very receptive and absorbs. Any time that you are in the city seek to keep your thoughts purified. Purify your thoughts because the negative thinking, the critical eye on the others is a rejection of positiveness or purity. If pollutes the waters of consciousness. And it causes a ‘backing up’ a stagnation in your own form. Any time you think a negative, or you pass judgment on another or a condition or a government or or or …..you stagnant your own purity.  You might see that purity means peace, purity means neutrality , purity means stillness . This is what anyone is seeking when they meditate or perform any type of spiritual practice . You are looking for purity, you want to purify your energy field. And as a new form is being welcomed onto the Earth, it’s important to maintain the element of purity. Even if you simply meditate on this condition, the idea or condition of purity, this can reveal to you what is not supporting that inside yourself. This can reveal your own stagnation.

Close the eyes again and go back to your homes inside the city. You are in your own environment there, and we transfer the purity, the element of purity into that space. Go to the next space and be there for a moment. Next we want you to put any person in front of you whom you believe affects your own path to purity. Whether it’s your boss, your husband, you wife, your child, someone who throws you off balance. Set them across from you for a moment.

If you intend to go into the healing waters after this small gathering you are going to be removing any impure elements from the self. This is what you focus on. That the water is washing it away.

You know it is difficult to go through tragic times and economic situations, it takes a lot of preparation so that you can handle it, so  that you can pass through it. Most of you here have some financial or spiritual foundation , for a little bit of both that gives you the support that many others do not have. So be careful how you look at others. You might imagine that you empathize with them, but if you’ve never been in there shoes, as the saying goes, you might not know how difficult it is to walk. So it is the time for those of you who have the tools to be even more compassionate to those who don’t.

The human being grows into a competitive mode with another, you have to walk across hot sand, let’s say, and you have a pair of shoes but he doesn’t, would you give him one of your shoes to create a condition of equality, or would you think, ‘oh that’s a shame he doesn’t have any shoes’, or would you just keep walking, or would you pick him up and carry him to protect him from the burning sand.

It is always a matter of choice, after all. The worst conditions can either bring out the best in someone or bring out the worst. We always hesitate to make predictions about what will happen in Greece or what will happen in the world. Because it’s not really fair of us to predict for those of you who have who have chosen this place and this time , you must pass through it.


Question:  How does the condition of the Earth affect my health. I have heart palpitations ..stress…I try to release to the Earth and I feel better…talk about my health.


When you feel palpitations it’s a good idea to lie down, to be reclined. To let it pass. You know you shouldn’t smoke as it causes a construction in the blood vessels. These things feed the stress they don’t calm the system. You know the difference between coffee and chamomile. To understand …if you are under stressful conditions, if you have a coffee it will make you feel more stressed, you will feel it more.

Tobacco is a sacred substance that was used during ceremonies to bring a sense of companionship and to weave a common goal through the smoke that was created. Example: A group meets in order to talk about a peace treaty through all the different nations. Everyone says something about it, everyone gives their ideas and then they reach an agreement. So they pass around the ‘peace pipe’ and through each person making an exchange energetically with the smoke the idea that has been agreed upon becomes one with all who are present. The smoke carries the energy or the thought, the agreement . So what happens when a group sits around drinking coffee smoking and talking about politics. They get the stress out , the negative thoughts and the smoke supports the negative. Tobacco is a power that is being misused at the present time, particularly in your society. If you want to smoke do it with a sense of consciousness. As we are talking about purity today those of you who indulge..you can dedicate the smoke to the consciousness of purity, peace. Not to sit with a friend and smoke and gossip about another one. This is a great injustice. Because the smoke has more power than you realize…. To unite those who are smoking within the ideas that they are discussing.


Question: does alcohol have similar effect?


Alcohol has a completely different focus. When you say let’s toast on it, you may drink anything. To make a toast is also to support an idea . Alcohol is more destructive than supportive of an idea. If you throw alcohol on a fire what happens? It gets bigger, it doesn’t put it down it builds it up. So if you drink alcohol to put something down it won’t work. Alcohol tends to loosen somebody up and bring out the worst of their character. So alcohol in someways is a truth serum. Often alcohol is something to be shared during a celebration, when someone gets married when a baby is born open up the champagne and everybody toast to the baby. Not to sit down and get drunk, not to get intoxicated and forget because if you drink so much that you forget then you don’t remember yourself. So a small dose may be a medicine to see a part of your character that you are suppressing but a large dose is an overdose.

Question: With food ? Any advise during stressful times what to consume ?

It is more important how  you eat then what you eat. If you eat unconsciously then you do an injustice to the earth mother. If you eat too fast then you swallow too much air.  Ideally food should be eaten slowly and attentive. In moderation, this means if you want to eat meat or fish don’t eat it  every day . Don’t eat  the same exact food every day. Vary it, according to the season, whatever grows in your area. All in moderation.

As far as to lower stress we will say don’t eat animal products. Or to lower stress eat more pulses.


LAKADA Oct 3, 2015 (2)


Question: what about Baba who ate only a bit of rice…

It was his vibration, he overcame the physical part of being. He wasn’t the typical human now was he?

Question: do we have the potential in this life to reach that stage of evolution?

As an avatar? Avatars are born not built . So no.

Everything is always as it should be.

Question: in a personal session you’ve told me that I had reached a certain level in my evolution supported by my actions but at the end you said I had to loosen up to relax with the exercises. I am confused, you said I have to want to do it, I want to do everything….what should I do ?

This was your birthday wasn’t it ? What is your astrological sign?

Libra. This is the sign of balance is it not? What’s the point that we are making?

( that I have to find a balance between these two)  Whether  you do it are you don’t do it the point is to be neutral. You still have the mind that if you are doing it you feel righteous, if you are not doing it you feel defeated… Rather than being in the middle,  the staple part of the self. So what does that mean , it’s a moment by moment thing. Rather than being automated, automatically doing it or not doing it and judging you’re staple in the center of yourself. We will never tell you what to do you must decide what is a worthwhile endeavor for you. As far as we go we deliberately go from one side to the other on your birthday so that you can decide ‘how balance due I feel today what do I need to do’. Maybe that should be your meditation. ‘What inspires me the most today? Do I run, yoga, breath work….

So that you’re not sitting on the scales you’re holding the scales. Or you are the post that the scale is hanging upon. You have many tools, so you decide which one you need to balance yourself in any moment. Because every moment has the potential to put anyone off balance. Even if it’s an enlightened one, even Sai Baba.

He lost his balance in the end didn’t he? He had his chair. So he absorbed enough of the human condition to be affected by the physical side of his self. That was his path.

Question: I missed you and am grateful for your presence. My dream: I awoke within my dream and I could see my brain was overgrown. When I closed my eyes within the dream I was lost in spirals. When he opened his eyes he could find balance. It felt hours long.

A very powerful experience , to be conscious dreaming is a gift. The spirals that you were witnessing were belief systems unraveling. Which is very important at this point in the moments of your life as you prepare to welcome a new form. If you keep your eyes open  you be able to see the belief system you will be imposing upon your child. You have the power to create the beliefs of another. It is very important to realize , to unravel the belief that exits , that are structured behind any guidance that you will be giving to your child. If you realize, if you never forget that dream, that experience, that vision that you had you can move right to the center of the spiral of the belief.  What is the  most important thing in the world of humanity…the children. The children are the future. To raise a child is a greater task then any parent realizes. Which types of seeds of beliefs are you planting inside the new form? It’s like a very well toiled plot of soil, very pure, that accepts any seeds that you put in. The beliefs that you have about yourself, about life, about the world, about God, about the Earth you plant in the brain of the child. So the purer that you are in your own consciousness the more soft or refined you can maintain that soil in the garden ( that represents your child’s mind). This dream is preparing you for fatherhood. You know you’ve had some intellectual experiences with this new being, you’ve shared study, you’ve been to school together, university. The brains have met, have cooperated. So that is also a part of the. Reason that this happens to you now, to loosen your beliefs to be more in the mind of ‘ I don’t know, what do you think?’  Most fathers don’t ask their  small children this.

Question: is it worthwhile to freeze the blood cells, the placenta in case it is needed in the future!

Most animals eat that. This is nutrition you would never see a cat for instance ,not eating the placenta because that gives the energy, the chi to take care of the new form. We won’t tell you to eat it unless you want to. It is more for you because you will be the body that is feeding the baby. To save it why??

( in case the baby needs the cells ) is this true or for profit ?

This is the new genetics. We wouldn’t want to support any idea that the new form will be needing some type of medical intervention. It’s yours to do with what you want. Your body made it for you , for your baby  ,for your baby first and for you second. Research those who proponents of ingesting the placenta. Rather than saving it for some future, or donating it to science which is going off the scale now.

Question: I am going through a crisis with eczema. It comes and goes for years sometimes I use Cortisone . What is the most important reason for this .

Firstly you know that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body. So is the easiest thing to show, and that humans are usually very conscious very sensitive to what they are showing. How they are appearing. Very few persons are non-self conscious about something. No you’re self-conscious about your emotions. You don’t want to be angry. Because angry is ugly in your opinion. And you don’t want to bring any ugliness out to the world. Which is commendable, we commend you on that. No answer no the Cortizone just pushes it further inside. It doesn’t bring it out. It hides the problems. But the body knows . Eczema is an irritating thing but it’s not harmful. If you use Cortizone you can harm your internal organs. So we suggest that you don’t use that as a means of healing for yourself. The laspoloutra is a healer and you need at least 10 days in a row of therapy. Perhaps picrolimni may help. ( I was there and am using the clay every day) good for you, because when you use a natural remedy it takes much longer. You see if you take Cortizone it looks like it disappears. What do you do when you’re angry? (I don’t express my anger) you don’t say I am angry. So this is the first step. When you feel it you don’t have to be ugly but you have to say it. I am ANGRY!

Do it now and stamp your foot hard!

Close your eyes stamp your foot and say I am angry. You don’t have to have a fight. You know you are the peacemaker. And the peacemaker is not allowed to be angry. The peacemaker has to go behind the curtain and figure out how to resolve this. Because it doesn’t have anything to do with them after us. So the peacemaker doesn’t ever express anger. You know you have a fear of the physical violence and you know this often comes from anger. This  is an exercise that must be expressed in the moment. When you feel it , when you feel angry without  thinking there’s no need to justify or deny. You just state it and stamp your foot. This will allow that energy of that emotion to move out of your foot rather then find a place to start to grow something irritating.

What’s your favorite food?( eggplant) maybe you better not eat that. You can go to find food allergies that can also help you to heal. As a human , as you grow into life and you grow and you grow…if you develop an imbalance early on and you don’t treat it naturally it tends to find other ways to support itself. This is how food allergies are developed. ‘You come on our team lets get this body to be allergic to this food so it supports this imbalance. ‘

You can express anger in a non destructive manner. But you might like to have some plates that you can break. As two people grow together in a relationship, in a marriage , in a family there are usually some issues that stabilize as irritants. When those issues come up, because they’ve become a part of the relating the members of the family go into suppression mode. So we say with any of your family members if there are issues that irritate you, when they come up step back and break a plate.  Bye a set of cheap plates if you’d like. And then clean it up. This will give that emotion a pathway out of you. You can try it on your own. As you clean up themes it is removing it, you might feel shook up but this is good, it is taking it out. You have sucked up too much and then you irritate yourself. Break some plates it is harmless fun.

Question: health issue with the muscular skeletal system.

What is the issue behind it all? You don’t stand up for yourself ? You don’t support your own skeleton ? You lean on someone else? Is someone else responsible for you in anyway ? Emotionally , physically, psychologically? Are you independent or not? (Economically or in another way? ) Anyway? (Generally I am independent but I used to lean a lot on others in the past .)  So that is the origin.

(I depend on my wife, I do not have work)

Why you don’t have work? You did not follow our advice? ( from previous contact )

To go to your new place and find a position of tour guide or path finder or nature guide. Did you explore that? (No) you have known us for a long time, you have desires and dreams but did not come forward for personal contact. When we are with a group we respect each and in obvious ways we do not reveal who we see in front of us. We try to protect you from that. Now you were ready for a new life for a new experience. There was s new post waiting for you and you didn’t find it. You are leaning again on another. Have you had a baby? (No) because you are being a baby. What do you want from life, if you could have anything. (I am satisfied) you have what you want? (No) Freedom to remain a child? (Yes I  like that) So that’s what you have, are you satisfied? ( yes but I am not sure that my wife is happy with that) Any opinions? ‘ No ‘ from around the group.

Are you angry about this? ( asked to the former questioner)


The men must support the matriarchal movement. Not by remaining as a child . But by learning ‘what does this women need. How can I give her more? How may I satisfy her? Even by taking seasonal work harvesting olives. To show her ‘ I am willing to try also. ‘It is not about money, It is about action.

Do you feel that you are worthy of your wife or does she deserve something better?

( that is her own issue) That is very selfish. ( I would respect any answer from her)

Do you ask? (Yes, I know what bothers her)

We want you to say ‘I am angry’

(I am angry with myself)

So you are satisfied with your life but not sure that your wife is satisfied. Do you take over as a house husband? (Yes) ( I don’t like to be pressed)

Well you have found the easy way. We cannot solve your problems in a day..

Question: I am angry about my inner child, I want him to wake up.

Stamp your foot! First you have to meet the inner child. You have to entice the child to come out, reason with the child to come out. What keeps it hidden inside? Why do you not wish to grow up? Is it Peter Pan? Are you afraid you will loose the authenticity of freedom by labeling yourself an adult? Are you afraid that you will get frozen or hit a wall like some other adults that you’ve met that have lost their youthful vigor and surrendered to the political circus? Ask yourself all of those questions and the child will come up and merge with the adult. Many men are afraid to grow up in the developing environment of the matriarch . Because if you are the baby or the child the mother is usually very tender and embracing. If you are the adult son the mother might slap you across the face. She may not show her tender side.

Close your eyes again, put your feet flat on the ground. Imagine the most pure waterfall that you can .  You have seen some here in Greece. We want to bring you to the purity. See the pure flowing water with the reflections of light on it. The Earth is such a generous mother. She can receive that anger. Particularly if you admit it, ‘I am angry’, not something is wrong with you. You’re not doing this correct..you you you…if you say it the Earth will suck it out of you. If you criticize others or pick at them it is not effective . F ( former questioner )you have guilt, that you don’t deserve what you have.

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