Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material




  “As you become enlightened it is easier to love , you can love anybody, you can love everybody. Because you know that everybody is in their own process, is having their own experience of being human. Everyone has challenges but everyone deserves love. You become love. You are love. It’s not outside it’s inside . Love is a state of being it’s not an emotion.

When you meet somebody that you love you feel different don’t you ? What happened ? You  start being love. Everything looks brighter. What is that? It’s really not because of the other person, is it? Really? Because if it were it wouldn’t disappear would it? It would always be, but somehow it’s not is it? It’s only that initial WOW, I’m in love…I became love…because I met someone who can teach me a lot about myself that I don’t remember. That’s why there is almost always past life connections with people that strike( find particularly noticeable or impressive )  you. When somebody strikes you, it is either because of love or power. When someone has love and power they really strike you.

     What is enlightenment? Being present in the moment. Being aware, being conscious …when you clean the house you don’t miss the cobwebs, you missed them once , you won’t miss them again will you? 

 One of the illusions of the New Age.. that everybody has to be somebody in the ‘ know’   A healer, a teacher rather then wherever they happen to be. You don’t have to be a Guru to become enlightened, you don’t have to be a yogi  to become enlightened, you can be a financier and become enlightened. You can be a banker, you can be a fisherman , you can be a  shepard,  you can be a cook…everyone is welcomed into the light,  into the knowing,  into the experience of the expansion of humanity to a higher vibration, to a new frequency. This is what is happening , the frequency of the consciousness of humanity is growing. “

The Delphinians

(Excerpt from a private session)