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“The last year I am concerned about time…

It is because you are in tune, in touch with the accelerating energies that are present. You are aware that things have sped up. What you can do to balance that, do you do any aerobic exercises? We suggest that the first thing you do is accelerate, whether you run or walk very quickly, you speed up. In order to balance this feeling that time is rushing by, because it is.

For everyone?

Yes, for humanity. It has to do with the shifting into a new age, into a new Earth, a new vibration. Think about physics for a moment, when you are at a finer frequency it moves faster. Think about music, the higher octaves have a higher frequency. This is what is impressing you, because you are impressed, you have an impression in your energy field. Your mind is aware that things are speeding up; everything is accelerating, towards what is the big question that nobody wants to answer in a negative way. Towards greater love, light, harmony, peace. You could go into that mind. Or towards greater Earth changes, atmosphere changes. Everything is speeding up. If you look at a big ball of yarn, when you first start to unravel it, it seems to be slower, as you get toward the end it speeds up. Do something aerobic so you get your heart rate to speed up temporarily. Sprint and then walk very quickly so your heart rate goes faster. In this way you can find more balance within your own mind. Twenty minutes and then you will clear your head . It will only benefit you in everyway. It will unwind you from the previous activity and clear your head.

Also, slow down your breath. Another way to deal with this disquieting, it is not anxiety. Whenever you think about it or realize how fast the time is passing, take ten slow breaths. Increase the heart, slow down the breath and you can bring that to balance.

Does time change its relationship with space?

Yes, within the human domain, within the reality of being human. You know what quick responses you get on the internet, think 25 years ago how fast was the information coming? How about 30 years ago? It is also the relationship with technology. Technology has changed everything. The race for extreme techno-experiences is affecting every aspect of being a human. So it makes it appear that the relationship between time and space has changed. It is the human form, why do we give you a remedy based on your own body? Because that is the only way to conquer it physically.”

The Delphinians

(Excerpt from a private session)

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