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Delphi Ceremony

Delphi Ceremony

20 April 2019


Close your eyes. Let’s begin with a bit of magic. Close your eyes and smell the herbs. Take deep breaths in through your nose and your mouth. You must know that your entity field never stops growing. It is like a spiral, an energy spiral that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Those of you that are attentive to that – and of course that means all of you here – have a better chance of realizing that growth and development. You do not want to stop growing in life. Once you reach your adulthood, your mature height, then you begin with more development of your soul or spiritual development. This is what you want. You can use affirmations: Let me grow from this experience. Let me develop from this experience. The more challenging the experience, the more you can grow. Do not reject anything in your lives; do not think anything is not worth living through. Open your eyes if you like.

We are doing an energy opening so that the memories can find their way through. First, we want you to remember the most important experience of this life that you can remember. Do not struggle, just let it come. Something that brought you a great sense of power or a great sense of wonder, joy, any of this. Smell the rosemary.

You may sit if you like. All of you here today have participated in one life or more here in this area. Many during the Delphic Games, the Delphic Theater that this poet and his wife tried to develop. There were many artists involved. There were many politicians involved and people with money who wanted to see this country in a different light, who wanted to contribute something to this land. They all wanted recognition for Greece. They all wanted Greece to be recognized for something valuable beyond democracy.

Meditation exercise

We want you to take a small stroll, a small walk on your own around the area, you can walk into the museum, the cemetery. Just to take a small dose of the energy coming up through the Earth. We want you to keep that herb in your hand and to keep smelling it. It is kind of like an Easter egg hunt. You are looking for that thread of your past, that past life where you were here in a different form. Then we want you to be back here in 15 minutes. Go on.

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