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God ~ Truth ~ Meditation ~ Intuition (from Personal Reading)

God ~ Truth ~ Meditation ~ Intuition (from Personal Reading)

7 July 2021 ~ (from Personal Reading)

More than ever, it is time to turn your attention to the Lord, to God. Every thought that you have, realize that God is listening, ok? You might say that now is the moment in time that the chosen are being chosen. You could say that God is paying more attention to the human beings during these moments of crisis than in the last few hundred years because it is the time for transformation. It is the time for the preparation for the New Earth and who is welcomed and who will be left behind. It has more to do with the train of thoughts than it does with almost anything else. We have said it before that no matter what happens in one’s life you are in control of what you think. What are your train of thoughts during the day? How do the thoughts run, in what direction? What is the theme of the thoughts? So, whenever you have thoughts of uneasiness, whenever you have thoughts of unhappiness or dissatisfaction – all of those thoughts that go into the gray side, closer to the shadow – that train is taking you away from the New Earth, let’s call it. And this information is for everyone. What does this mean? If anyone approaches you with their gray thoughts, don’t get on that train. Just watch it go by. If someone in your family is unhappy about something, use the image of a fast train speeding by you and you are just watching it go. If you engage or start engaging in that gray matter you are getting on the train and you are getting carried away. You know the destination – the New Earth – love, peace, harmony, cooperation, joy, celebration, and that is the train you want to be on. So, the thoughts, whatever is going through your head is what is creating those tracks that the train is running on, you know? It is the most pivotal time for humanity to police themselves, to police their own thoughts. This is why on the outside there seems to be so much policing happening, so much government control, regulations, etc. all around the world. Because it is reflecting the need for each individual to police themselves, to be on top of themselves, to regulate themselves.

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