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Athens Healing Circle

Athens Healing Circle

16 December 2017


You know that you have a kind of a club here and that is a good thing. It is always important to share your path with other humans and with those that you love. Of course you all have felt love and you all know that love is something that you cannot really grab. Love is not something that you can keep. When you love another, sometimes you do not feel it. You might feel something else. That is not a bad thing. The journey of life is one of self-discovery and it is so important to identify all the parts of yourself, not to deny yourself. Not to choose a specific condition of being, but to allow the energy of the life, of the living, to pass through you. Many times on this so called spiritual life the pilgrim or the participant is encouraged only to believe in goodness, love, light and happiness and not to embrace those shadow sides of oneself. But it is the shadows that define the light. It is the shadows that give you an opportunity to know yourself better; to go deeper and clear yourself out. You might all believe in past lifetimes or other existences and that can be valuable to know or to understand. It can also become an obstacle in realizing the moment. Knowing about the past lives is not so you can excuse yourself but so that you can clear out any clutter that might be lingering inside from those other existences. We want to give you all the opportunity to express yourselves here tonight. We will ask you a question. What brought you here today? Advice, curiosity, no specific reason, relief of some fears, questions…You all agree that you want to be here this evening. We do a lot of talking for many years but the real reason that we are here is for energy moving; to shift your energy fields. Not necessarily to make it higher or lower but to rearrange the rooms inside of yourselves. We ask you all to stand up in a circle, close to each other, do not touch. Put your hands down like the energy is moving out of your middle finger. Everyone is different and everyone needs a different adjustment. We heard what you said and we are going to make some fine adjustments. All the answers to your questions are inside of you. Close your eyes.

Now go back to your seats and we will get down to business.

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