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Athens Healing Circle

Athens Healing Circle

17 December 2017


Maybe you really do not need us. You can have a celebration of life. Everyday should be a celebration of life. We want to greet you all here today. This technique that Jayne just shared is something very profound for the energy system. The human form goes out of balance very easily. The human body is a fined tuned instrument. There are so many things going on inside the body and the future is toward energy work. You all have heard it and know something about it. To feel energized is what you want to do for the rest of your lives. You do not want to feel lethargic, which means lack of energy, you do not want to feel heavy with worry. You do not want to feel nervousness, tension. All of these things are balanced in with what was shared in this room. A very good beginning and perhaps you consider using it on yourselves and particularly on the youth of today because they are the future.


We have a special guest today… What do I need to do to make my career in Hollywood? What is it about Hollywood that has captured your imagination? I want to go there to make movies and it is my dream. You have the dream of going to Hollywood. Why don’t you before you sleep at night suggest to yourself, “Tonight I am going to Hollywood”? Keep doing this every night until you find yourself there. At the same time, when you wake up in the morning, start writing your dreams. The path of life is long, it is not short and you do not necessarily want to always go directly. If you are trying to move from this point to the acropolis, let’s say, can you go directly there without a helicopter? No. Not on the Earth. You have to turn, go left, go right, go straight…As a human being you are walking on the Earth. It is very important to accept that. On the path of life it is always better to accept that an indirect way perhaps is the best way to get there. Maybe you have to go somewhere else first. Maybe you have to go to other countries in Europe. You want to go to Hollywood because you want to express a talent that you have, correct? First you want to get closer to that talent. Polish it, make it shiny, make it worthwhile. Film making? Yes. Why don’t you investigate which are the most successful schools for film making. You might have to go to New York first. I want to start already. You want to prepare yourself. Why don’t you write some scripts? I have made movies with friends and have written some scripts. You are already on your path…you are very fortunate you already know what you want to do. I want to be in front of the camera and in back…You want to be a star, too. Are you taking acting classes? Not yet. Are you suggesting at school that you put on a play for Christmas? You make a new style of a Christmas play about a family. You will be the star and the director and see if you can perform it at school. If not this year, perhaps next year. I want to make a big, big movie…and sell it. The path is through You Tube at the moment; one of the paths for success for young developing artists in through the internet. You are well on your way and we bless you for that. There will come a time where you will want to add some social comments into your work. You want to expand the capability of the human consciousness. You will learn that there are some specific subjects that you are responsible for exposing to the mass of humanity. This is why you are so keen on getting started.

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