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Vergina Ceremony

Vergina Ceremony

26 November 2017


We begin with a bit of confusion. Some loss of the troops is to be expected. Moving through your life you are always going to be losing something, not only your keys, but you lose friends, relatives. There is a series of losses encountered in the life. In the ancient times when you were able to afford a burial, you decided what you wanted to take with you. What you believed you could really use in the afterlife. If you want to think for a moment about the religion of the ancient people or the religion of the pagans, it contained a belief in an afterlife; something that happens after life, a place that you go after this life.


In this life you are here on the Earth and you can touch the Earth. Very nice to feel a close connection with the Earth with your hands and your feet because this is where your electromagnetic points begin and end. That’s why you can do foot or hand reflexology. If you put your hands or feet on the Earth you connect energetically with this planet. If you do this everyday, this will contribute greatly to your longevity, to have a long, vital life.


The ancients had more faith in the afterlife: where you are going after the life. That’s where they believed the gods lived. Why did they have the idea that the gods lived on Mt. Olympus? Because it was high up and was difficult to reach. In the afterlife, it could mean cosmic consciousness. You have all heard the Greek myths how the gods and goddesses could change into animals? Isn’t it a bit like shamanism? Transforming yourself into your power animal, your totem, so you can move with a different identity, with a different frequency? You had more freedom to move from one form to another. If you can adopt a bit of those ancient beliefs, about the afterlife or after death, this can make your life more tolerable so that you know that this will pass, no matter what it is. If you lose something, I can find it again in the afterlife. For instance if you have a broken love affair, you have a difficulty in your relationship you believe that when you meet in the afterlife everything will be resolved because you are not so hooked into the gravity, the density of the planet. Today when you go into the museum, first go directly to the tomb and make up your own prayer there. Imagine that this is your burial site, that you will also be able to leave your remains under here. Let yourself feel a great release. The release of the physical boundaries is what will happen. You all feel limited by your physical forms, you have to feed it, clean it, house it, you really have to take care of it. You have to watch over it and sometimes that can feel like a burden if you do not feel well, for instance. Then the body takes too much attention. You forget to talk to your spirit, you forget to surrender to your spirit and you might even forget that you have a spirit when you are so focused on what is happening in your body. So when you stand in front of the tomb, first you are going to imagine that this is an offering to you and you can leave your physical body there, it will be safe, it will be cared for, it will be protected. Then you are going to imagine your physical form crumbling away like a clay figure that starts to crumble like dust. At that point you should start to feel lighter; you should start to get a sense of lightness coming in. When you reach that sense of lightness; when you get that strong sense that you are free from this flesh and blood and bones then you are going to ascend up the stairs and into the museum like a spirit. Believe that you are as light as a ghost. Then you can explore the museum admiring all those beautiful things that you have discovered in the after life. Most persons who were able to be buried with their belongings chose their finest things to go with them and you will see some of those things below.

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