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Athens Healing Circle

Athens Healing Circle

12 March 2017


Nice group today. Close your eyes. Healing is a choice. If you wake up one morning and you have a cold the first thing you might do is affirm that you are healing. The thoughts have a tendency to take over the energy field of the human. So if you wake up with a cold you say “I have a cold, I have a cold.” You call your friends and you tell them you have a cold. In this way you are reinforcing the imbalance that you stepped into. Anytime you discover in your path of life something that does not suit you, that you do not want, immediately affirm the opposite. If you wake up with a cold, you can affirm “I am feeling well. I’m getting well. I’m healing myself.” That’s the most important “I am healing myself.” All of the reactions of the physical form to imbalance are toward healing, even a cold. That’s a response to a virus, so the body is throwing it out. If you use your thoughts constructively, you can recover very quickly.


Stand up and form a circle. We are going to walk behind you and do a bit of energy work. You come together in a circle, don’t touch each other. Have your hands pointing downward. All you have to do is close your eyes, focus on your breath.


Back to the seats. Because this is a special day astrological, we want to give you a meditation to do this evening. It is very important to connect to the moon, to know what the relationship is between the moon and the earth because you are standing between. Sometime this evening when it is dark, go outside and find the moon. Even if it is cloudy and you cannot see it, use your imagination. It is there and it is full. We want you to take that moon and put it here, in your throat. We want you to imagine that the moon is taking up residence in your throat chakra. Very often when you have thoughts, you say what you are thinking. What we were talking about previously. So we are having you put the moon inside your throats as a type of filter so that you do not affirm something that you do not want to be. Everyone understand? In this way we invite that heavenly body, the moon, to participate in this meditation. Anytime in the future you realize that you have forgotten the message we have given and you are talking about something you do not want to be, you don’t want to happen, you don’t want to experience. Imagine once again the moon in your throat chakra and forgive yourselves of course. As you go on and on in life you can remember. That is what we have to offer you today and now we open for the questions. You will actualize the introduction when you do the meditation with the moon so you can say anything you like in this circle.


What can I do to reconnect with the feminine side of myself, my feminine power?

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